Baltimore Police Spoof Pharrell to Celebrate 50K Followers

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Baltimore police spoof Pharrell

Reaching 50,000 Twitter followers is an admirable achievement for a police department, but I’ve got to say I’m surprised at how many Baltimore police officers agreed to dance around in this Pharrell “Happy” spoof to celebrate it.

According to the Baltimore Sun, when it comes to Twitter followers Baltimore beats out Los Angeles (21,000) and Philadelphia (40,000) but lags behind Seattle (65,000), New York (107,000) and Boston (277,000). But if we’re going for Twitter followers per capita, Baltimore trounces New York. That city has something like 8.4 million residents to our 600,000.

I can see how a popular Twitter presence can be a useful crime fighting tool, but I wonder if the joyful, goofy video should have been saved for the celebration of a more tangible public safety goal.

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