Baltimore Pride Organizers Turn to Crowdfunding to Cover Debt

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gay_prideThis year’s Baltimore’s Pride festival is set for the summer, but organizers are turning to a public fundraiser to cover leftover costs from last year.

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center of Baltimore has debt of more than $12,000 from last year’s event. The organization also needs another $2,200 for permits for this year’s two-day celebration. To raise money from the public, the GLCCB launched a crowdfunding campaign with a $15,000 goal. To show transparency, the organization also linked to its budget in a Facebook post.

This year’s event is set for July 23-24, but organizers say they can’t secure funding for this year’s event until the debt from last year is paid. News of the shortfall first appeared in the Washington Blade.






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