Baltimore Sun Losing Longtime Reporter, Columnist

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baltimore-sun-media-group-officeA pair of longtime scribes are leaving the Baltimore Sun after taking contract buyouts. Columnist Susan Reimer and features writer Julie Scharper will end their respective tenures on Wednesday.

Both writers confirmed their departures via social media.

Reimer has been with the Sun for 36 years, and a columnist for 22 of those years. “I am indebted to The Sun for a rich and rewarding career. But stay tuned. I still have a lot to say,” she wrote.

Scharper joined the Sun in 2006, and became the paper’s ace features writer. For a recent example, check out this piece on a mother and her disabled son who lost their home to a fire during the riot. Scharper wrote that she also intended to keep writing as a freelancer, and spend more time with her two children.

The buyouts are the latest signs of downsizing at the Tribune Co., which owns the Sun. The Chicago Tribune recently announced plans to cut about 24 positions, including 10 in the newsroom. The Tribune Company also recently bought the San Diego Union-Tribune, and decided to lay off 178 people in order to consolidate printing operations with the Los Angeles Times.


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