The Baltimore Sun’s Digital Face Lift

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We’re not quite here yet, but we’re getting closer.

Good news for people who like pretty things on the Internet: no longer looks like Craigslist with a few more pictures. Okay, it wasn’t actually all that bad. But this new design is more beautiful and engaging by far. Besides being easier on the eyes, it boasts a new functionality that — of course — the paper hopes will translate into more shares, comments, views, etc.

Here are some features:

+ a design that automatically adapts itself to the device you’re viewing it on. (Thank God!)

+ Faster-loading media. (That I’m assuming will no longer crash my browser?)

+ “Easier ways to post and comment on articles,” and “to quickly share content with your friends.” (Okay, fine.)

+ An option for browsing content by visual media. (Neat.)

+ “Endless-scroll technology connects you to other news categories and related articles and images without page breaks at the end of an article or Web page.” (Nooooo!)

I don’t know about you, but I think things were going pretty well until we got that endless-scroll technology. already uses it. So does the Daily Beast. I can’t stand it. Here I am, reading a story, and if I accidentally scroll too far I’m suddenly halfway through a totally unrelated article! The URL has changed, and it takes me a good 10 seconds to realize what just happened to me and what I need to do to get back. The next stage of human evolution better include an ability not to be frightened by endless-scroll technology.

But other than that, I think it looks pretty good. Now, if the Sun can figure out how to add animated photographs — not videos! not videos! — to their articles, Harry Potter-style.


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