What Baltimore Will Look Like in 2030

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Interactive Map
Via urban.org

The Urban Institute just developed an interactive map to show a range of possible futures for the populations of U.S. cities. And if there’s one thing I will never tire of, it’s interactive maps!

This one is seriously pretty amazing, and if I actually had any part in urban planning I would probably be incredibly psyched. The tool tracks population changes from 2000 to 2010 and projects changes from 2010 to 2030. But what’s really neat is that the user can view several possible scenarios by setting migration rate, birth rate, and death rate to either “low,” “average,” or “high.”

In most scenarios, the Baltimore area gets a little less white, a little more black, a little more Hispanic,a little more “Other,” and a little older, in trends that match those of the country as a whole.

Check out the map, and know that the Baltimore data is for the entire “commuting zone” and not the city proper.

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