Baltimore’s Newest, Tiniest, and Least Predictable Hotspot: Cafe Sage

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Cafe Sage

catch of the day fish (2)You may recall a few months ago, when we raved about Oakhill Honey—the locally produced honey made by bees whose hives sit right in the center of the city, overseen by local artist and food genius, Dane Nester. A seeming extension of Nester’s enthusiasm for all things epicureanly local, Café Sage is Baltimore’s new, tiny hotspot for those seeking a place to enjoy finely crafted coffee, tea, snacks, and above all, atmosphere.

Walking into Café Sage, it’s almost hard to tell what’s genuinely haphazard and what is an aesthetic choice. Case in point: the ironing board that served as the counter in the café’s first weeks. Indeed, if you go to Cafe Sage once or twice a week for a few weeks (and you should) you’ll notice the landscape change over that time. The furniture seems to be on a gradual trajectory toward stability and function. And we assume a lot of things are still being test-marketed and tried  out—including menu offerings. Certainly, this is not a place to go if you’re counting on getting the same type of muffin or breakfast sandwich everyday. You’re more likely to be offered a cookie that the staff have just prepared. And that cookie could well be the only one of its kind. Everything here is unique, small, and crafted just so. Which is why, though we look forward to more predictable offerings in the future, we’re perfectly happy for now to be surprised with each visit.

Café Sage is located at 34 E. Lanvale St. in the Station North Arts District.

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  1. What a neat little spot! I just stopped in to kill sometime while waiting for the Bolt bus. Great atmosphere, phenomenal coffee (measured by weight, timed; essentially calculated to perfection, if you’re into that sort of thing). Very pleasant experience, overall.

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