Baltimore’s Rave Scene, Revisited

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paradoxNews spread late last year that Paradox was closing its doors. When the much-loved downtown nightclub closed its doors, Vice had a reporter documenting the last dance.

In Vice’s Thump, Jeff Bratton used the occasion to look back at Fever, the 90s party where music “pounded out of warehouses, and that kids from New York, Philly, DC and Richmond all came.” It was also a time of record stores and hotlines. Bratton describes a colorful scene, where drag personalities and cops occasionally ended the night early.

Yes, there were also drugs. Bratton acknowledges that also fueled a dark side before the sun came up.

“There were always lower-tier dealers getting robbed and crooked bouncers shaking down kids for cash and drugs. One night, a dealer named Mike got jumped by some kids that rival dealers paid to beat him up.”

Fever ended around 2001, but Paradox continued to host parties.

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