Baltimore’s Terry Willner is Doing Good in Baltimore

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As a native Baltimorean, Terry Willner has always felt connected to her hometown. Like many of her friends, she never ventured far for too long – attending Emory University in Atlanta and then moving back to Baltimore after graduation.

It is this love for Baltimore and the conviction to make a difference that inspired this mother of two sons, Alex and Evan, to give back. She began volunteering through The Associated’s Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC), and now serves as chair. This year, she’s particularly excited about JVC’s newest project which she believes will inspire thousands to do good. She talks about this effort and reveals why Baltimore is so dear to her heart.

Why JVC?

I learned about JVC while participating in Chapter Two (a 10-month program of Associated Women where you learn about the community). That program introduced me to the different agencies of The Associated and I discovered that I loved the work and mission of JVC – the idea that everyone is able to contribute and make a difference.

How did you get involved?

I first participated in JVC’s days of service – Mitzvah Day, Good Deeds Day, and others. When Karen Singer asked me to join her Something Good VolunTeam, I said yes. With this group, I’ve volunteered at various organizations around Baltimore. I’ve done everything from serving meals at Our Daily Bread to making mosaics at Art with a Heart.  That led to my being asked to serve on the JVC board.

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