Bazaar’s First Ever Hair Art Workshop

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Hair Art

 catch of the day fish (2)Who doesn’t love the idea of elegant, meticulously artful hairstyles? The term “hair art” or “hair jewelry” conjures images of Victorian princesses, or the elfin and hobbity maidens of Middle Earth with flowing locks entwined with ribbons, flowers, shells, gold threads, all of it. So naturally, when we heard that Bazaar (indisputably one of the city’s most unique shops) was offering a workshop focusing on hair art, we thought it sounded like an excellent opportunity to practice some medieval braiding techniques, or to spend an afternoon weaving daisy chain crowns. Not so. We should have known better—knowing Bazaar’s flair for, well, the bizarre. Sure, the workshop does teach some authentic techniques for creating authentic Victorian Hair Art—but it’s maybe not exactly what you’d expect.

The Hair Art workshop is just that—a place to create your own unique piece of art (or jewelry) made from human hair. It’s in the tradition of mourning jewelry from the Victorian era, and is taught by bona fide master jeweler and art historian Karen Bachmann. Though she’s based in New York, Bachmann is coming all the way down here to share this very special skill. Believe it or not, Hair Art experts just aren’t that easy to come by these days. But then, the folks at Bazaar seem to specialize in finding the almost-totally-unfindable and bringing it to our city that embraces just that kind of thing.

Bazaar is located at 3534 Chestnut Avenue in Baltimore. The workshop takes place Sunday, April 6th from 12-4pm. Tickets are limited, and are available via

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