HOT HOUSE: 1900 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, 21217

A 17,822 square foot Victorian era palace in red brick, the larger part of which has a separate address on Robert Street, with nine rental units, all well-maintained. The private home has 5 bedrooms and 5 baths on four stories, with all original woodwork and architectural details: $1,950,000.

What: A Baltimore landmark, this fortress-like mansion with towers and turrets dominates the corner of Eutaw Place, together with the Eutaw Place Temple (former synagogue, now Masonic Lodge).  It was built in 1882 by Dwight Davidson Mallory, an oyster packer, back in the day when there was lots of money in oyster packing and Eutaw Place was millionaire’s row. Mr. Mallory lived here until he died in 1926, when it was bought by the Mitchell family and operated as the Mitchell Funeral Home until they relocated to York Road, in 1965. Since then, part of the building has been converted into nine separate rental units, with an address of 300 Robert Street (the street around the corner from the main property). There is a four car garage and a coin-operated laundry room in the basement. The same owner has lived here since 2001. Inside the private home, everything looks shipshape. It is impressive in the ornate way that city mansions of the Victorians often are: beautifully carved wooden staircases and paneling, grand, 15 foot ceilings, stained glass and frescoed walls.  One of the realtor blogs for this address is amazingly detailed, with a virtual education on Victorian housing, a description of each room, and the reassuring news that the rental units are “full, with a strong and stable rental history.”  Even more, it is an “astute investor opportunity.” So just move in, sit back, and watch the money roll in…

Where: Eutaw Place is at the western edge of Bolton Hill. From  83-S, take exit 6 North Avenue, toward Mt. Royal Avenue. Take a right onto W. North Avenue, and a left onto Eutaw Place (just past Linden Ave). 1900 is on the right. Nearby are OnTheHill Café, B Bistro, and lots of take-out on North Avenue …

Why: You believe you could make it work for you, and you love its Victorian wackiness.

Why Not:  How’re you going to heat this thing? 

Would Suit:  Optimist. B&B? Condo-conversion? Professional org?

NB: Realtors believe that new language in the Baltimore City Draft Zoning Code will benefit this property in some way. None wanted to speak on the record yet, and author not able to understand ‘new language.’ Just a heads up.  

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  1. Yes, Anon you are right. I know the house was in Bolton Hill, but I thought the Station North Arts and Entertainment District extended to Eutaw Place. It doesn’t, and I will fix that, thanks.

  2. Am dying to read the ‘realtor blog’ you mentioned…guess you can’t list it and still remain fair and impartial? By the way, l.o.v.e. your Fishbowl column.

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