Ben Carson’s Incredible Fundraising Superpowers

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Dr. Ben Carson, former Johns Hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon and increasingly visible potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate, raises money. A lot of money. And not just for his own political action committee. His name, likeness, and signature on mass email messages have raised money for Newt Gingrich’s anti-Obamacare PAC, for Alan Keyes’s Black America’s PAC (BAMPAC), and others.

According to Time magazine, “No prospective candidate’s name and likeness, including the Democratic field-clearer Hillary Clinton, has been as successful in attracting small donations over the last year than that of Carson.

Another Clinton comparison: In 2014, the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, to which Carson has no direct connection, outraised the Ready for Hillary Super PAC, which is run by Clinton’s former aides!

Alvin Williams, the director of BAMPAC, said the fundraising plea they sent out “from the desk of Dr. Ben Carson” was “effective.”

He’s lending his name to the direct-mail fundraising efforts of so many conservative groups that Carson’s prospective campaign manager Terry Giles can’t keep track of them all.

So watch out for emails with Carson’s name in the subject line, you may find yourself unable to resist the urge to shell out cash!


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