Berger Cookies Holiday Tins

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catch of the day fish (2)I’ll admit it. Every year, right around November, get a wellspring of ambition as the holidays approach. I’m going to finally send out a holiday card this year. I’m going to make and purchase the most thoughtful, lovely gifts my family has every seen. I’ll make truffles and cookies and fudge and send them to friends across the country. How many times have I accomplished this dream? Well, going on zero. But there is hope yet (kind of). I can at least ease my burden by relieving myself of my cookie-making delusions and going a bit kitschier (though just as delicious) by sending tins of Berger cookies. Berger makes a variety of great tins that they’ll pack with cookies and send to your loved ones. You can take the opportunity to introduce newbies to our beloved local cookie, or to remind loved ones of why they should pay Baltimore a visit sometime soon. Of course, you can always just buy a few packages and throw them into a container of your own choosing (a stocking, for example). But if your creative gift-giving dreams are already getting away from you, why not keep it simple and let the good Berger folks do the work?

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