Best Buy’s ‘Serial’ Tweet Among 2014’s Worst Corporate Tweets

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Best Buy Serial tweet

Just before the buzzer, Best Buy posted a Serial-inspired tweet that won a spot on Fast Company’s list of “2014’s Worst Corporate Tweets.”

If you’ve been following the most popular podcast of all time, about the 1999 murder of Woodlawn High School student Hae Min Lee and the questionable conviction of Adnan Syed, you know that the murder allegedly took place in the parking lot of a Windsor Mill Best Buy. The prosecution’s case hinged on one witness’s testimony that Syed called him from a payphone at the Best Buy to ask for a ride, shortly after the murder.

The problem with that claim is that Sarah Koenig, who produces Serial, could find no evidence of there ever having been a payphone at the store.

Hence, the above tweet: “We have everything you need. Unless you need a payphone #Serial”

The backlash was swift. Best Buy deleted the tweet and apologized, and Fast Company made a last-minute addition to its year-end list of worst corporate tweets.

By the way, Serial listeners have been flocking to the store to check for themselves. Right now, this is the top Yelp review for the location: “Parking lot is secluded enough, but I couldn’t find the pay phone.”

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