The Best Ways to Beat the Cold in Baltimore

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We’re through with winter–unfortunately, it doesn’t look like winter is quite through with us yet. Luckily, denial is wonderful medicine. Here are five excellent ways to trick yourself into forgetting that it’s freezing outside:

  • Go swimming. Nothing feels quite so luxurious as taking a swim in the middle of a chilly winter day. The Harbor East MAC has a wonderful indoor pool and a free 7-day trial, if you’ve never been a member before. Worth it.
  • Take yourself to spa town. Seoul Spa, the Korean bathhouse off Route 40, has special themed rooms heated from 122 to 196 degrees. You’ll forget there even is a thing called “cold.”
  • Pretend you’re on an island. The Tiki Barge may be closed for the season, but at Fish Head Cantina has enough of a tiki vibe that if you squint (or drink a few pints) you can imagine you’re in the tropics. Maybe.
  • Gamble! Casinos are designed so you forget about the outside world. Luckily for us, the outside world is pretty miserable right now. So why not stay inside all day and lose some money in the process?
  • Watch someone else sweat. It’s nearing the end of the season for the Baltimore Blast, our local indoor soccer team– so make sure you catch a match while you still can. Spending some time looking at green grass and men wearing shorts will help you remember that spring is real, and it’s coming soon enough.

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  1. Reading a book at the Rawlings Conservatory (Tropical Room or especially the Palm Room) and spending time in the Australian rainforest room at the Aquarium (during slow hours) are two great ways to enter a tropical realm in the winter.

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