Prosecutor: BGF Leader “Positive Influence” at Baltimore Prison

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The Associate Press articulated the irony of Black Guerrilla Family leader Tavon White’s 12-year prison sentence in the first paragraph of its coverage of the sentencing of the Baltimore jail scandal ringleader:

“The same prosecutors who painted a gang member as the architect of a widespread drug and cellphone smuggling conspiracy said Monday during his sentencing that he actually made the prison safer despite impregnating four guards and directing crime on the streets while behind bars.”

After White performed as their star witness, prosecutors told the judge he should be treated leniently. After all, while he was the de facto leader of the prison, he enforced a “no-stabbing policy among gang members.”

Paradoxically, Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Harding told the judge, “The government thinks that in a way, he was a positive influence at BCDC.”

In the end, he got 12 years instead of the maximum of 20. But, probably, he should have been offered a job.

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