Looks Like Today Is ‘Drive to Work Day’ in Baltimore

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Bike to Work Day
via the Guardian

Well, folks, today is National Bike to Work Day. But due to “the threat of heavy rain, flash flooding and thunderstorms,” the Baltimore Metropolitan Council has canceled the event for the region (with some events possibly being rescheduled). So, happy Drive to Work Day, everyone! May all your basements stay dry!

If you decide to bike to work today anyway — because maybe you actually ride a bike to work as your regular thing like a good steward of the environment — the Baltimore Metropolitan Council has a list of tips for riding in the rain:

Protect yourself

Visibility can be limited, so wear bright clothing
Wear waterproof clothing that is breathable with layers underneath

Protect your bike

Front and rear fenders will keep you and your bike dry
Lube your chain before and/or after a wet ride to replace the lube that washed off
Drip chain lube down into your brake and shifter cables to avoid rust


Make your turns slowly
If you need to brake during a turn, apply the brakes slowly


Water on the rims will make it harder to stop
Apply the brakes lightly to clean off the rims before you need to stop
Allow a greater distance for stopping


Bridges, metal grates and painted lines and crosswalks can be very slick
Avoid puddles as they may conceal deep potholes
During the first few minutes of rain, oil seeps from the roadway making it very slick

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