Bill Cosby to Play the Lyric on Friday

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A still from a recent video promoting Cosby's recent Charleston, S.C., show
A still from a recent video promoting Cosby’s recent Charleston, W.V., show

This Friday, the Lyric Opera House will host Bill Cosby, “[o]ne of America’s most beloved comedians of all time.” Or at least, that’s how the event write-up would have it. Before the unbelievable number of sexual assault allegations resurfaced a few months ago and then grew, that was no doubt true. But, as hilarious as Cosby is and has always been, there are still orchestra seats available two days before the performance. So, that title may need to be revised.

It may seem strange that any show promoters or venues would go on with a Cosby gig, after all the allegations, but often, they can’t find afford to cancel. We don’t know the minds of this show’s promoter or the people at the Lyric (they “have not responded to multiple interview requests” from the Washington Post on the subject), but it’s possible they’re simply bound to honor the performance contract. The Lyric hasn’t been promoting the show on its Facebook page, for what it’s worth.





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