Birthday Gifts for Him

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It can be a daunting task to shop for guys, as you do not have a “go-to” list to refer, which is easy to find in case you were gifting for a lady. A statement necklace, a little black dress or a pair of pumps won’t come to your rescue if you are shopping for the important man in your life. But here we have a curated list of items and you can make your pick depending on his taste.

  • Fitness Tracker: It doesn’t matter whether he is a fitness freak. Fitness trackers are selling like hot cakes nowadays and the moment you sport one, you get motivated enough to take care of your health, if not turning into a fitness enthusiast. If your guy is a cyclist or a distance runner, you can consider getting him a GPS-enabled fitness tracker. Fitbit has come up with its amazing range of fitness trackers and these feature-rich models make the perfect birthday gifts.
  • Sunglasses and watches: Quality aviator sunglasses and even watches can never get outdated. You might argue that they are quite conventional, but if you haven’t ever gifted them, he is in for a great surprise! These are classic cools and there’s something about these gifts which makes everyone go gaga.
  • Heavy bag or a duffle bag: If he hits the gym regularly or is a traveller, then a heavy bag is a must. You can make a personalized kit by shopping for the required items and stuff the bag with them. A heavy bag will certainly be a pleasant surprise but the one loaded with some the related stuff would be a delight.
  • Cool gadgets: Gadgets are hard to ignore and if your guy is a techie, then it’s a bonus! There are lots of innovative gadgets available which can simplify your tasks, giving you the added pleasure and pride of owning one. Consider gadgets such as virtual reality headset, multi tool pen, selfie snap sticks and a lot more starting from as low as $1.

Last minute gifts

So you didn’t find time to plan in advance for his birthday gift and procrastinated it till the eleventh hour? However, you need not worry as these last minute gifts are as tempting and appealing as any other present which you might have planned to gift him otherwise. Either you can rush order these items or hit the nearest store.

  • Beard Wash: Your guy might not admit it but even he loves being pampered and grooming himself. Though you might not want to gift him a beard wash on his birthday but this can save you the last minute rush and anxiety.
  • Bluetooth speakers: Just hop to your nearest electronics store and check out the cool Bluetooth speakers on display. “Surround sound” are the magical words which cause a wave of excitement as soon as guys see them. Other gadgets like headphones can also do the trick.
  • DVDs: Gifting him DVDs of his favourite television series is probably the best last minute gift. Prepare some snacks and popcorns and pop them while watching the series together over a lot of love and laughter.

Do it yourself gifts

If you are the creative one, then there is nothing as amazing as giving a homemade gift. The beauty of do it yourself gifts lies in the personalization that you can bring about in the gift which can be anything ranging from his favourite colour to your fondest memories together.

  • Scrapbook: Though this is a very conventional idea, yet it doesn’t lose its charm. If you fall short of ideas, you can find a number of scrapbooking tutorials available on YouTube which tell you the best ways to prepare your scrapbook. You can even prepare a little book which talks about the things that you love in your man.
  • Message in a bottle: Emails, texts and electronic messages can never replace the handwritten notes and letters. You can get handmade sheets or even use papers at home by holding them over a heat source to get the desired patterns. Put your letter or notes in a bottle and this will make a cute and thoughtful present.
  • Edible gifts: You can consider preparing dinner for him and set the table with his favourite dishes. To avoid this idea from getting too clichéd, you can add sumptuous savouries to the dinner menu such as caramel and chocolate dipped pretzel rods, donuts, cookies or honey lollipops. You can also add a romantic touch to the surroundings by preparing lamps from crepe paper, putting up fairy lights or candles.

With plenty of ideas available at your disposal, you can plan a great birthday gift. If you are low on budget, then you can check out for some savings.

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