Black Cherry Puppet Theater Open for the City’s Kids Today

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catch of the day fish (2)Needless to say, Baltimore is having a moment right now. Freddie Gray’s death has shaken this city, and no matter where you personally come down on the protests in response, the impact is undeniable. Our city has a lot to think about, and certainly a lot of cleaning up to do. We also have a whole lot of kids who will surely be asking questions, trying to make sense of things, and seeking some semblance of calm and stability in this climate of uncertainty.

One small, but significant response to this need: Black Cherry Puppet Theater will open its doors (and garden) this afternoon at 2pm for city school children. The puppet theater will be providing a safe, lighthearted, and kid-friendly space throughout the afternoon. There will be performances and activities for kids and their families. All are encouraged to stop by and share in a community-oriented afternoon– in the heart of the city, and out of the fray.

Black Cherry Puppet Theater is located at 1115 Hollins Street in Baltimore. For more information on today’s events, visit their Facebook page.

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