Blacksauce Kitchen and the JFX Farmers Market

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catch of the day fish (2)Admittedly, we’ve spent the last few weeks focusing on all things related to the spring holidays. Easter and Passover coincide this year, so it seems like everyone’s atwitter with plans for gathering, visiting, and feasting with friends and loved ones this weekend. And we’re fully behind that. But if neither Easter nor Passover is really a thing for you, there is a certain way in which you’re at an advantage. Because this weekend, you can head down, unfettered, to the JFX farmers’ market and get your fill of incredible food from Blacksauce Kitchen. And there probably won’t even be a line. Now that it’s spring, the Sunday farmers’ market is back. And three cheers for that. The JFX market is by far the most truly “Baltimore” farmers’ market experience, with its downtown location, huge selection, and a diverse clientele that truly reflects our city.  The guys at Blacksauce Kitchen have made quite a name for themselves selling their mouthwatering biscuit sandwiches (and more) at the market for the last few years. While everyone else is out hunting for multi-colored eggs this Sunday, you can swoop in and nab some Blacksauce delights without having to brave the usual crowds (or so we’re hoping). It’s the perfect casual bite to christen spring with– and an amazingly delicious way to celebrate your own private Easter Sunday.

The JFX farmers market is open every Sunday through December from 7am-12pm. For more information about Blacksauce Kitchen and their rotating menu, visit their Facebook page.

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