BOMBING Comedy Night with Ben and Stav

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catch of the day fish (2)Do you ever find yourself at a party, regaling friends with a hilarious anecdote or two, and suddenly you start thinking, “whoa, maybe I could do this, like, in front of people.” That is the first baby step (we’re assuming) one takes on their way to actually doing stand-up comedy. And though public speaking remains one of, if not the top fear of most people around the world, there’s still something appealing, or at least intriguing about just getting up on a stage and trying to make a bunch of strangers laugh. And thanks to Ben O’Brien and Stavros Halkias, you can get your chance monthly at The Crown.

Whether you want to actually try your hand at this stuff or just show up for a few laughs, BOMBING (the name of O’Brien and Halkias’ new monthly comedy event) is a sure bet. The two are some of Baltimore’s best local comics, and their really-anybody-can-do-this attitude makes what could be a terrifying leap seem like an opportunity to just share some good stories with friends. Each month’s event is themed with a challenge, so if you’re not sure what to focus on, they give you a little nudge. Of course, this month’s theme is “all new jokes,” which, if you’ve really never done stand-up before, is a given. But sign-up is at the door, so there’s no need to commit ahead of time, unless of course you want to make sure you get in a few marathon sessions of practicing in front of the mirror beforehand. But no pressure.

BOMBING takes place at The Crown (1910 N. Charles St) on Wednesday, October 1st at 8pm. The event is free. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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