Bowleys Quarters Facebook Page Taken Down After Violent Racist Comments

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In a tweet yesterday, Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones wrote, “This is not ok. This could be my son and I” and included a link to an article by Baltimore Spectator’s A. F. James MacArthur titled “Beware Of Bowleys Quarters! — White Residents Casually Speak Of Shooting Black Men Walking In Street.”

The article reveals screenshots from a discussion on the Bowleys Quarters Social Club public Facebook group (since made private or taken down) that turns racist after a woman posts to ask whether anyone knows “what’s up with 3 aa guys walking around the neighborhood.” She saw them earlier in the day as they got into an Impala and “[n]ow they are back!!!” They “had hats on.”

To be fair, it looks like at least one or two commenters suggested that the presence of three black males (hats and all!) in the Baltimore County community could have a totally benign explanation. One advised everyone to “stay alert and stick together.” But a few, including someone who may be a public school teacher, said the three guys (reported only to have been “walking around” and wearing hats) should be shot on sight.

Yes, comments on the Internet are always a big pile of hateful brain-garbage. But these are people posting under, presumably, their real names to people who, presumably, are their neighbors about murdering actual people.

Bowleys Quarters’ county councilwoman Cathy Bevins told the Baltimore Sun that she felt the comments did not represent the attitudes of the community.

The Sun reported that Baltimore County public school officials are investigating the incident, as is the Community College of Baltimore County. (One of the comments was posted under the name of an adjunct faculty member.)



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  1. It’s like that on the Hampden FB page all the time. Any time there is anyone black walking through the neighborhood, panic ensues. Police are called. People are sure they’re going to be robbed and beaten. It makes me so sad and sick to see this.

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