BPD Has Used Secret Cellphone Tracker 4,300 Times

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The Baltimore Police Department has been using a secret cellphone tracking device very frequently and then mostly refusing to answer any questions about how the device works, scoffing at subpoenas and confounding judges in court cases where the device plays a role.

And if that sticks in your craw, then this is one of those instances in which you actually should blame Obama. The president’s administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has worked “aggressively” to keep the technology secret. They have non-disclosure agreements with police departments and have even “intervened in routine state public-records cases and criminal trials” to avoid disclosure.

The thing is called Hailstorm, and a Baltimore police officer testified Wednesday that the department has used it 4,300 times since 2007, which WJZ points out is “believed to be higher than other known uses of similar surveillance equipment by state and local police.”

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