Breakfast with Polar Bears

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Breakfast with Polar Bears at the Maryland Zoo

Hibernation season is coming. And it’s not just for bears, chipmunks and bats (yes, bats hibernate). Us humans also need to take a few months to slow down, curl up, and spend as much time as possible in fuzzy slippers and fluffy robes. It’s nature’s way. Some of us have no problem embracing our animal selves. We happily chow down on mashed potatoes and thick hot chocolate as stores for the coming winter. We fall asleep earlier and earlier—why not? It’s dark out. But some of us need a little re-education in the animal instinct department. And living in the city, it can be difficult to get your daily dose of animal behavior observation.

The Maryland Zoo understands. That’s why they’ve put together a special event for this Saturday. IT’s Breakfast with the polar bears! The event includes a hot, catered breakfast inside the zoo’s historic Mansion House, photo ops with animal ambassadors, and education stations where you can learn more about the polar bears! After breakfast, venture down to Polar Bear Watch (via tram), where you’ll hear a zookeeper chat.  Finally, you can ask the polar bears questions and watch as the bears receive their morning enrichment—a good study for those who’ve become too good at using forks and chewing with their mouths closed. Tickets are limited, and the event will sell out, so please make reservations early. Be sure to dress warmly. Tickets include zoo admission, so after breakfast you can spend the day touring the rest of zoo—or you just go home and practice what you’ve learned.

Breakfast with Polar Bears takes place at the Maryland Zoo on Saturday, November 10th from 8:30am-10am. Tickets are: $55/Members, $65/Non-members and FREE for Under 2 years old(*But still require a ticket). For more information, or to reserve tickets, visit

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