Breaking: D.C.’s Men More Handsome Than Baltimore’s!

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"Narcissus," photograph by Adi Nes.
“Narcissus,” photograph by Adi Nes.

Men of Baltimore, start spending more on personal care products, and I mean, like, now! Because that’s how this one company is ranking the most handsome cities in the U.S., and right now D.C. has us smoked.

I’m not saying that this study is fair. According to the Washington Post, the men’s grooming-products company — based in D.C., no less! — based a large part of the ranking on how much the men in each city spend on grooming. So whatever. But Washington, D.C., made third, while Baltimore languishes at 23rd.

If our guys want to contend with the men from the District, they’re going to have to demonstrate greater “commitment to appearance.”

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