British Baking Workshop with Make Tribe

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catch of the day fish (2)The Brits aren’t exactly known for their national cuisine. British food is so often the punchline to jokes, or the lamentable low point of a European vacation. And yet, these people undeniably know their way around a pound of butter and some white flour. How could they not? These are the people who brought us tea parties and crumpets, after all. And now, all the secrets of fabulous British baking can be yours with a one-night-only workshop from Make Tribe. Make Tribe’s British Baking workshop will be held on April 2nd, and taught by renowned British chef Neill Howell. In just a couple hours, you’ll learn how to prepare the best crumpets, sausage rolls and pasties in town. This hands-on class includes all the necessary workshop supplies, snacks, and plenty of Pimm’s Cups to help the evening roll along. And of course, participants will go home with hearty helpings of  freshly-baked edibles for the next morning’s breakfast. Class size is limited, so reservations are a must. Learn a few tips and tricks here and before you know it, they’ll be calling to make reservations for your place on Sunday mornings. These are baked goods fit for a king (or queen).

Make Tribe’s British Baking Workshop will take place Thursday, April 2nd. The workshop will be held at the Corner Pantry (6080 Falls Road in Baltimore). For more information, or to reserve a spot, visit

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