Butterfly Entomology Workshop at Bazaar

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Entymology workshop

catch of the day fish (2)If you’ve popped into Bazaar in in Hampden, you know that some of their offerings are truly, well, bizarre. It’s a carefully curated oddities and curiosities shop. And that can mean everything from jewelry made from quail feet, to civil war era doctors’ tools, to all manner of preserved specimens peering out at you from jars of formaldehyde. We love Bazaar because it functions as a perfect blend of antique store, museum, and place-you-can-actually-find-cool-stuff. But they don’t just sell cool stuff– they also offer the opportunity to learn how to make your own. Like with their DIY taxidermy workshops, for example.

Okay, maybe not all of us are looking to stuff our own raccoon or fox. Fair enough. But how about preserving your own butterfly? We’ve all picked up a fallen wing or even a complete butterfly corpse here or there, but this workshop will teach you all the ins and outs of actually harvesting and drying specimens, handling techniques, spreading, mounting, and  the many nuances of posing, display, and maintenance. There’s more to it than you’d think, huh? An assortment of ethically sourced butterflies in various sizes, shapes, and colors will be provided and the class will review the origins of the assorted butterflies used in class, how to ethically and legally source your own in the future, and more. Students go home with their own prepared butterfly (done in class), a spreading board that can be used for future projects, a display case for the finished piece, and the knowledge to create their own pieces in the future. Not so scary after all.

Bazaar is located at 3534 Chestnut Avenue in Baltimore. The Butterfly Entomology workshop will be held Saturday, October 25th from 3pm-6pm. Reservations are required, as space is limited to sign up, visit www.bazaarbaltimore.com.




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