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catch of the day fish (2)We love this city. So many of us do. This last week has been difficult to say the least, and all eyes are on Baltimore as folks around the country see our city streets in the paper and on the television. But we all know there’s so much about this place that those watching the news from far away can’t possibly see. There are many reasons Baltimoreans are proud (and grateful) to call this place home. Some of us were brought up here. Some transplanted for work or love or school. For some, it’s the amazing arts scene, or the history and architecture. Or the great diversity of neighborhoods and the sense of tight-knit community that a small city creates. As we dust off, clean up, and move forward from the past week, many of us are considering what it means to call this place home. Many of us are committing– or recommitting– to investing in Baltimore. So it’s pretty timely that Live Baltimore is hosting one of their periodic Buying Into Baltimore events on May 9th.

Buying into Baltimore is a homebuying incentive event that offers participants a chance to meet with real estate experts and community organizations, sit in on homebuying workshops, take a narrated bus tour of Baltimore neighborhoods, preview homes for sale, and even become eligible for $5,000 in down payment and closing cost assistance toward the purchase of a home anywhere within the city. It’s an incredible opportunity that happens only twice a year. And yes, there are always great reasons to purchase a home here. But rarely are so many experts on hand to help you navigate what can be a complicated and confusing process. And not only will you meet experts; you’ll meet other locals who are also ready to “buy into” Baltimore. You’ll meet people who are ready to put down roots and fully invest in a community because they believe in it. And that’s so much of what makes this city great.

Buying Into Baltimore takes place Saturday, May 9th from 8:30am-3:30pm. The event will be held at Edmondson-Westside High School (501 N Athol Ave in Baltimore). The event costs $10. For more information, visit

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