Calvert School Hosts Student Leadership Summit

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On February 26th, Calvert School again hosted the Middle School Leadership Summit for Baltimore area schools. Over 100 students from 12 neighboring schools attended the event, and Calvert Seventh and Eighth Grade students led the program from start to finish.

The day began with a student-led workshop on communication styles, which promoted a greater sense of self-awareness in the boys and girls. The students then broke into teams and tackled two design thinking challenges to put their communication skills to the test. Students built marshmallow-spaghetti towers, and Bella P’s team won the contest with a sustained height of 3 feet 4 inches!
In the afternoon, the conference focused on promoting student leadership in community service. Student teams from Garrison Forest, Boys’ Latin, Calvert, and Friends led workshops. Calvert’s team of Tommy M., Fotenie A., and Sydney P. led a session on the Fifth Grade Walk for Water campaign and did an outstanding job.
Jenn Yapsuga, Eighth Grade Coordinator, explains, “Hosting an event like this supports our school mission of teaching and cultivating student leadership. This conference provides boys and girls not only the chance to brainstorm and generate new ideas, but also to walk away with a plan of action that can potentially influence major decisions about programs and student experiences.”
At the close of the day, students from each school were challenged to plan a new and improved community service event for their school to undertake in the next school year. This proved to be not only be a successful event at fostering student leadership at Calvert, but also a wonderful opportunity for kids and teachers from different communities to come together and share ideas.

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