Cam Newton Showed His Generous Side in Latest Inner Harbor Visit

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cambatmanCam Newton was in town again last week as the Panthers took on the Ravens in the first preseason game of the year, and once again showed up around the Inner Harbor. After playing some beach volleyball with his teammates at Rash Field last time, the QB showed another side of his character on this occasion.

A woman walking with her husband was inspired when she saw last year’s NFL MVP handing an entire meal from Sullivan’s Steakhouse to a homeless man.

My sweet friend, who is in Baltimore on business, went for a stroll last night and ran into our boys leaving Sullivan's Steakhouse! She was so kind to share this picture she snapped with me. Our team leader extraordinaire, Cam Newton, had two bags of food from the restaurant and was handing it out to the homeless. It is what you do in secret, away from the media, away from all the hype, that shows the true measure and character of a man. Cam's servants' heart never ceases to amaze and humble me! I am so incredibly proud to say this young man represents my Queen City. We truly have a team of remarkable men who love to serve! God bless them all!! #KeepPounding #PantherNation #love #serve #humility #thisiswhatitsallabout❤ #soproudofmyboys #ourqbisarealleader #704 #queencity

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Just as important as the act itself, Candace Gregory told ESPN that Newton didn’t do it in a way that was designed to draw attention to himself. He slid over while walking with a group and dropped the food with the man, just “like he was handing the ball off to a running back,” she said. Her friend, a Panthers fan, was quick to share pictures on Instagram pointing out how Newton’s act differs from the infamous dab of 2015. Likewise, teammates said it’s not a rarity to see Newton ordering extra food for people.

“That’s why we shared it, because character is what you do when nobody is looking,” Gregory told ESPN.

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