Carroll County PEEPshow

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catch of the day fish (2)If you’re a regular reader of this column (and of course you are), you’ve maybe noticed that pretty much every lead-up-to-Easter post has included a jab or two at Peeps. You know those ubiquitous, radio-active colored Easter “treats” that as far as we can tell, never actually get eaten by anyone. Well, this is the one exception. Because, it turns out that there is actually a good reason for Peeps’ existence, and the folks at the Carroll County Arts Council have it down.

Each year for Easter, the Carroll County Arts Council hosts what they call their annual PEEPshow. It’s an art show featuring works made exclusively of Peeps. The works come in all shapes and sizes (though of course, they’re all fairly neon in color). Creativity abounds, and some of the stuff people put together is just downright delightful. Entries from previous years have included everything from a life-size Ninja Turtle to a reproduction of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. We highly encourage a jaunt over to the Carroll County Arts Center to check it out, and even vote for your favorites. This is low-brow high art at its best. And needless to say, pretty much the only thing justifying the continued production of Peeps year after year.

The Carroll County Arts Council’s PEEPshow is open through April 6 from 10am-7pm daily. The show is up at the Carroll County Arts Center (91 West Main Street in Westminster). For more information, visit

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