Carson Is Now Polling Second Only to Trump

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The most recent poll coming from Quinnipiac University ranks retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson second behind Donald Trump and five percentage points ahead of Jeb Bush in the Republican presidential primary.

Carson also currently ranks second in Real Clear Politics’ average of the last four GOP primary polls.

WJZ credits Carson’s new status as a “top-tier candidate” to the Trump-but-with-class persona he’s cultivated. Like Trump, Carson is a political outsider and harsh on immigration. And, despite bemoaning America’s fixation on the rich and famous, has refrained from criticizing the billionaire real-estate mogul and reality TV star.

It seems that Carson is gathering support from the people who like Trump’s positions but have grown weary of his brash rhetoric, preferring Carson’s relatively soft-spoken approach.

Of course, time was, Carson couldn’t give an interview without saying something controversial, but he’s made a deliberate effort to tone things down lately.

Trump led the Quinnipiac poll with 28 percent; Carson followed with 12 percent; and Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz each registered 7 percent support.


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