Maryland Terps Score Free iPads



Athletes at the University of Maryland aren’t just lacing up new sneakers and insignia-branded sweatpants this term. All 500 intercollegiate athletes at the state school can now count, among standard issue equipment, an awesome, brand-spanking-new iPad, the replacement value of which is $600 per item. Wait, so what is the point?

On Leadership: A Lesson Plan on Stunting Creativity


Courtesy citybizlist – There are storms brewing in Boards of Education around the region. The most recent squall is in Prince George’s County. It revolves around who owns the teaching materials created by teachers.

Suburban Teens on Acid, 1972-1975


garden Over spring break, my daughter Jane and I will pay a visit to my childhood neighbor and best friend Carolyn Mahoney in Fort Pierce, Florida. Car was also my two-years-younger sister Nancy’s best friend, a fact which led to some of the more brutal episodes in the long ground war of sibling rivalry. But some good times, too. When Car and I were 14, her family moved from our suburban New Jersey street to Florida. About a week later, she walked out the door and hitchhiked right back up 95 to our house. In the intervening years, she has been incredibly tolerant about her appearances in my memoirs of our insane youth, though she is now a sought-after interior designer and icon of respectability and good taste. The beautiful and hilarious Mahoganizer, as she was once known at the all-night gin rummy tables of Dwight Drive, will always be an inspiration to me. Though as the following essay from my 1994 collection, Telling, shows, we were lucky to survive the escapades our moronic adolescence. Just say no, kids.

Baltimore’s Art Attack: MICA’s New MFA in Curatorial Practice Sets “Sites”


-1This spring, be on the lookout for even more awesome local art to bloom in place. Numerous places, in fact. Thanks to MICA’s new M.F.A. in Curatorial Practice, gifted grads are partnering with organizations and communities to stage exhibitions across Baltimore from March through June.

Wait, what the heck is an M.F.A. in Curatorial Practice? You ask. Get this…