Pigtown Design: A Christmas Quiz


I’ve published this quiz a few times, but not since 2009. My answers have changed a little since then.image

1. Eggnog or hot chocolate? Now that I have the ultimate eggnog recipe, I actually like eggnog!

Correcting Facts on “Young Thurgood”: Big Fish Q&A with UM Law Professor Larry Gibson



For decades, UM law prof and political consultant Larry Gibson found himself talking the record straight about Thurgood Marshall’s youth and young adulthood – it bothered him that the media held certain basic misconceptions about the justice. For example, Marshall didn’t resent his hometown of Baltimore. He didn’t lack a sense of humor. Nor did Marshall ever intend to be a dentist! Of course, there’s meatier more (the meticulously researched book weighs in at 413 pages). But you’ll have to read Young Thurgood: The Making of a Supreme Court Justice (Prometheus) for the larger, nuanced character study.

Christmas in Wine Country



Christmas is next week.  The family is starting to filter in, you haven’t finished shopping, and the house is still in disarray.  Get yourself and the extended family out of the house and to Boordy Vineyards on Saturday for a $5 wine tasting, some holiday music and a tour of the vineyards.

Enjoy carols by local artists and sip on your liquid stress relief as the obligations of the season melt away.   Forget about cooking for your vegan, gluten-free cousin.  Forget about making sure your mom gets the extra-firm mattress, that you don’t use the pine scented candles your uncle is allergic to, that you didn’t get the right Easy-Bake Oven for your child.  Shut your eyes, wrap your hands around a wine stem, and soak in the music of the season.  Just for an afternoon, allow yourself to relax and truly enjoy the holidays.

If Congress Passes This Bill, the Eastern Shore Will Get Their Sandy Relief Money

Crisfield, Md.
Crisfield, Md.

After President Obama shrugged off BFF Gov. Martin O’Malley’s request for individual federal relief funds for Maryland residents thrashed by Hurricane Sandy (and then backpedaled, to some degree), Sen. Barb Mikulski and others drafted a $60 billion emergency spending bill to further assist all states hit by the storm. 

We Interrupt Your Regular Holiday Programming to Bring You This Message


connecticut-15-chi_2429199cImage courtesy of the Crunk Feminist Collective blog.

Five days after the Newtown, CT, shooting, Marion Winik shares a proposal, a petition, and a poem…

It is beyond me to finish the end-of-year column I was working on this week, which is feather-light and silly and which I will try to get back to next time. Like everyone else, I am filled with grief and rage for people of Newtown and the concentric circles of family and friends that ripple out, by six or 60 degrees of separation, to touch every one of us.