RPCS Teacher to be Inducted into Teacher Hall of Fame

Students in the science department at RPCS

The science department chairman at Roland Park Country School, David Brock, will be inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame. He learned Thursday at a special assembly at the all-girls private school that he was one of the five 2012 honorees to win induction into the national society sometimes called, “the Oscars of education.”

Read the story at The Baltimore Sun

This Week in Research: Surprising HIV Rates; A Baby Crystal

Johns Hopkins researchers birth tiny crystal
(The actual crystal is way, way tinier than this.)

Even the AIDS experts were shocked at the news: rates of HIV among black women in Baltimore and other urban “hotspots” turned out to be higher than expected. And not just one or two times higher. According to recent research, the actual infection rate among urban black women was five times higher than experts had predicted.

“This study clearly shows that the HIV epidemic is not over, especially in urban areas of the United States, like Baltimore, where HIV and poverty are more common, and sexually active African-American men and women are especially susceptible to infection,” said Johns Hopkins infectious disease expert Charles Flexner. Although black women make up 14 percent of the U.S.’s female population, they account for two-thirds of the nation’s new HIV cases — and the vast majority of infected women live in urban areas.

No Vacancy in Downtown Baltimore


The Baltimore Business Journal is reporting that 111 new apartment rentals are planned for the city. But what really surprised me was that the new apartments are in response to a 97 percent rental occupancy rate in the city.  Downtown is the fastest growing residential neighborhood in Baltimore, says the Downtown Partnership spokesman Michael Evitts.

Developers are so eager to satisfy the need for residential rental space they are converting office buildings into apartments. Small conversions of office space make up the combined 111 apartments.

Read the whole story at the BBJ.

Ravens Cheerleader Flash Mob Saturday Night


Saturday night at 10:15 p.m. the Ravens cheerleaders performed a flash mob for surprised crowds at the Power Plant Live!  The dance and acrobatics were all carried out to bring attention to “Making the Cut” the open-to-the-public cheerleader try-outs on Saturday, March 17th at the Lyric. About 90 finalists will bust moves and show their skills on stage in front on a live audience as judges narrow down the pool of candidates to the final 60 person squad.  Go to the Ravens website for more information.