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Maryland’s Football Program Valued at $96 Million


Courtesy Citybizlist – Maryland’s college football program was ranked a low 56th by value, with a net worth of $96 million, according to an annual analysis.

O’Malley Likely to Get Everything He Wants This Year, Too



At the annual Business Journal summit, Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said, “Wind energy” — meaning Gov. Martin O’Malley’s proposal to install wind turbines off the coast of Ocean City — “will pass the General Assembly this session.” The Baltimore Sun reports that the governor himself feels great about his chances with an assault weapons ban. And Miller thinks O’Malley’s “persuasive techniques, of which he has many,” will be enough for the governor to secure the votes to repeal the death penalty.

Maryland Toll Violations May Soon Come with Actual Consequences



Currently, if you didn’t feel like paying tolls on Maryland highways, you don’t have to. Just drive through the E-Z Pass lane without a transponder. Yeah, you’ll be sent a fine in the mail, but it’s a paper tiger. You’re vehicle’s registration won’t be suspended, and your toll debt will not be figured into your credit score.

Isn’t It Safer to Just Say No to Fracking in Maryland?



Concerns persist over the shale gas extraction method known as fracking, even as drilling operations set their sights on Western Maryland — where they’ve already leased 160,000 acres for just that purpose.

In Baltimore, We’re Tearin’ All Them Old Speed Cameras Down



The 83 infuriating, error-prone, poorly-tested, questionably incentivized speed cameras stationed at school zones in Baltimore city have been taking it from all sides. Local media and politicians have done everything but run them out of town brandishing pitchforks. And now they’re being taken down. All of them.

Maryland Ranks 35th on Recession Recovery Score Card


So, which states have best braved the five-year-old Great Recession — the most severe economic contraction the United States has experienced since the Great Depression?

Maryland was among the states that have been less successful in taming the recessionary conditions, ranked 35th in an analysis by 24/7 Wall Street. Current unemployment is at 6.7%, down 1.3 percentage points from the peak of 8%; and 2011 GDP growth was a mere 0.9%.

Why Baltimore Can’t Force Companies to Hire Local

Bernard C. "Jack" Young
Bernard C. “Jack” Young

City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young floated a bill back in November that would require businesses to find local residents for at least a bare majority of jobs financed by big contracts with the city — which would be great if it weren’t unconstitutional.

Is the Maryland Death Penalty Only for Treason?


With a renewed struggle over the death penalty looming in the General Assembly, one public defender is arguing that capital punishment in Maryland is only for treason anyway. Brian Saccenti, representing a man convicted of a 1997 murder has offered the Court of Appeals the argument that Maryland’s constitution provides for capital punishment only for “crimes that threaten the stability of the state government.”

On Leadership: Looking Back/Looking Forward

Newt Fowler
Newt Fowler

Courtesy of  citybizlist -I revisited our conversations of this past year and thought the first column for the New Year should synthesize some of the themes explored not only as a summation of what folks were thinking about in 2012 but as a touchstone for 2013. It’s hardly comprehensive, but it’s an interesting indication of how much of what was on the minds of many entrepreneurs last year remains relevant as we head into this New Year.

O’Malley’s Death Penalty Repeal Could Get a Vote in the Senate



Gov. Martin O’Malley doesn’t like the death penalty — I’m assuming it’s because he prefers to let convicts rot in jail (even years after their guilt has come into serious question).