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Social Enterprises Profit From Doing Good

Martin Schwartz, President and Founder of Vehicles for Change. Photo by Steve Ruark.

Courtesy Bmore Media – When Marty Schwartz started selling used cars in 1999, he wasn’t in it to make money – at first.

He launched the Halethorpe nonprofit Vehicles For Change to help low-income families reach better-paying jobs by having reliable transportation. Strapped for cash in 2006, he launched for-profit Freedom Wheels to sell cars for $3,000 to $6,000 to young buyers who can’t afford to shop at Carmax. The for-profit business bankrolls the nonprofit, which sells about 50 cars a month for about $700 to $800 apiece, Schwartz says.

Cumberland, Maryland Named one of the Nation’s Poorest Cities


Courtesy Cityvizlist – If you’ve ever taken a drive out to Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland, chances are you traveled through one of the country’s 10 poorest cities to get there.

BGE Owes the City Millions of Dollars — Will the Mayor Send Them a Turn-Off Notice?


Ever moved into a new apartment and then found yourself trying to explain to BGE why you do not owe them for the unpaid bills of previous residents stretching back years? Ever had your power shut off by mistake? Well, then, this is for you.

Maryland’s Congressional Districts: The Greatest Gerrymander in the Nation

That’s not a winged serpent, that’s Maryland’s 3rd. via Maryland Reporter

Here’s a funny but not very surprising story from Maryland Reporter. In a soon-to-be-released study, Maryland is named the state with the “least compact congressional districts in the nation.”

Centerstage Asks: What is My America?


What is MyAmerica? from CENTERSTAGE on Vimeo.

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Centerstage asked 50 of the country’s leading playwrights to answer a question: What is my America?

The 50 monologues, paid for by Lynn and Tony Deering and the Charlesmead Foundation, range from the political to the personal and explore the people and notions that make the country what it is today.

The responses, by writers including Anna Deavere Smith, Neil LaBute, Christopher Durang, and Lynn Nottage, are released on the theater’s My America website: centerstage.org/myamerica. They will be released on Tuesdays running through Election Day.

To learn more, view the video, above.


A Conversation with Baltimore Food Biz Leader Eddie Dopkin, Part 2


Courtesy Citybizlist – Eddie Dopkin has been an entrepreneur involved in the restaurant and catering business nearly his entire life.  His ventures and partnerships include The Classic Catering People, Loco Hombre, S’ghetti Eddie’s, Roland Park Bagel Company, Miss Shirley’s and others. 

O’Malley Continues to Push for Baltimore Youth Jail for Some Reason

Gov. Martin O’Malley

Gov. Martin O’Malley says a new youth jail is needed in Baltimore to ensure the relative comfort of the minors who have been tried as adults currently imprisoned in the Baltimore City Detention Center, calling the BCDC “very old and decrepit.” Is that it? I thought it was the inadequate size of the building, or the frequent assaults.

The Potomack Company Gives Its Version of Events in the Stolen Renoir Story


All the world was atwitter last month when it a Baltimore native’s $7 flea market find turned out to be a Renoir.  Now we learn that it is perhaps a stolen Renoir and an FBI investigation is on.

One of our faithful readers forwarded to us the email, below, sent by the Potomack Company, the Virginia-based auction house that had planned to sell the painting over the weekend, to all subscribers to its email blasts. 

What the Presidential Election Might Mean for the Chesapeake


With all the rhetoric that’s been tossed back and forth during this campaign, we Americans are now well aware that the 2012 presidential election is the most important one in our lifetimes and perhaps U.S. history, that one choice will irreversibly doom America and the other will restore her to her former greatness, yadda yadda. But we may not have considered how presidential politics plays into conservation efforts focused on the Chesapeake Bay.

The Most Dangerous Part of a Baltimorean’s Day


You probably don’t consider it every time you get behind the wheel of your car, but driving is an awesome responsibility – to maneuver more than one ton of steel as your thoughts review to-do items, your kids bicker, and your phone dings incoming messages requires precision and care. Even if you maintain your focus flawlessly, another driver may make the traffic mistake that ends your vehicle’s life or even your own.

In honor of Drive Safely Work Week, October 1 through 5, the Maryland State Highway Administration has issued a bulletin reminding us all: “It is a frightening fact that the time Marylanders spend driving — either as part of the job or to and from work — is the most dangerous part of their day.”

So why not put on the brakes for a basic refresher in safe and practical driving?