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Baltimore’s Country Clubs: Survival Skills 101



When a Baltimore private school family with several children applied for financial aid, the school politely suggested they reapply – after you have quit your country club. The story is true, and not even that uncommon, according to admissions staffers. It simply underlines the fact that for many well-off Baltimoreans, membership in a one of the area’s many country clubs  — Elkridge, Greenspring, Baltimore Country Club, Suburban, Caves Valley Golf Club, to name just a few — has been a part of life for as long as memory serves.

The bankruptcy last November of the Chestnut Ridge Country Club  has brought home to Baltimore the realization that club memberships are, in fact, a luxury that many people are having to reconsider in a down economy.  At clubs nationwide, members are quitting – a fact that can accelerate a club’s demise because, in the words of attorney Alan Bloom who represented a group of former Chestnut Ridge members, “It’s like a Catch-22. Every time someone leaves, dues go up.” And thus can begin a death spiral of less service, falling upkeep and further attrition.

Maryland Senate Ready to Let Pit Bull Legislation Die, Compromise Too “Difficult”


Remember that Maryland Court of Appeals ruling that determined pit bulls to be “inherently dangerous” and that would hold pit bull owners and landlords to much stricter liability in dog bites, you know the one that threatens to flood animal shelters and increase evictions? Well the General Assembly would love to help by passing non-breed-specific legislation that removes landlord liability, but it looks like it would actually be kind of hard to do.

What’s Next for North Avenue?

Carolyn Frenkil, co-owner of North Avenue Market. Photo by Steve Ruark.

Courtesy of Bmore Media – North Avenue, like much of the Station North Arts and Entertainment District, gets a lot of its buzz from its nightlife and reputation for a thriving underground arts scene. Poetry readings at theWindup Space, music and pizza at Joe Squared, a play at Single Carrot Theatre or a drink at Liam Flynn’s Ale House might be a typical night out for twenty-and-thirty-something hipsters.

Maryland Poised to Be Major Player in Ever-Expanding Drone Industry


Maryland is on the cusp of welcoming full-blown casinos into the state, but a far more morally questionable industry has been fomenting here for a while now. Turns out, Maryland already boasts “two dozen” businesses that work on unmanned drone aircraft, and our odd collection of resources poises us to come out on top in the burgeoning weaponized-roomba-with-wings industry.

Michael Phelps for Louis Vuitton


Wow. Looks like Michael Phelps has his mojo back.

This ad for Louis Vuitton, casts the former gawky teenager in a new light, so to speak.

This is what our friends at Racked are saying about the ad: “Ryan Lochte, you are dead to us.”

Lochte has always been dead to us. Nice work Mr. Phelps.


Wanted: An Ad Sales Leader, an Editorial Assistant and Interns



We have been on the lookout all summer for a few talented people. Interested? Read on…

Should Baltimore Decline to Bid on 2024 Summer Olympics?


The 2012 Olympic games have wrapped up in London, and cities across the world are already considering whether to bid to host the 2024 installment. One of those cities is Baltimore. (Heck, I guess there’s plenty of empty space.) Proponents of Baltimore 2024 are dazzled by estimates of $6.7 billion in revenue and the creation of 70,000 jobs. But is coming out on top economically after hosting the gargantuan international event a realistic expectation?

Should Failure to Pass O’Malley’s Gambling Bill Be Considered a Failure at All?


So we’re getting to the moment in the General Assembly’s special session on gambling where the House of Delegates has a chance to redeem itself. The Senate has passed them a gambling bill largely similar to the “silly bomb” that sucked up the last hours of the regular session and left Maryland with a budget shortfall and several bills on the table. It would appear that the House would do well to pass the bill (which would turn Maryland’s five slots parlors into full-on casinos and add a sixth location in Prince George’s County) to restore its reputation as a legislative body that can get things done.

Graul’s Market Vying for Rotunda Space


The Rotunda could soon be getting a great new grocer.

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that The Fresh Market, MOM’s Organic and Graul’s Market are all hoping to take the grocery store space at the fledgling mall.  The 20,000 sq. ft. space used to be occupied by Giant supermarket.

Residents Sue Bankrupt Sparrows Point Steel Mill Owners over Pollution


Just as the recent sale of the Sparrows Point steel mill to an industrial liquidation firm is awaiting approval by the court (a condition of current steel mill owners RG Steel’s bankruptcy), residents in and around the peninsula have filed a lawsuit Thursday against RG Steel over allegedly contaminating the surrounding properties and exposing residents to carcinogens, as well as “noxious stenches and odors.”