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Dutch Floral Garden: Beautiful Flowers and Gorgeous Gifts, too


Everyone knows Dutch Floral Garden has the best floral arrangements in town, but that’s not all the Belvedere Square florist (it’s more like a floral boutique, no?) has to offer. Owner Paula Dobbe-Maher shops New York and Paris gift shows to find a beautiful selection of gifts, too, and with Paula’s exquisite taste you can be certain they are sure winners. See for yourself, below!


Beautiful painted lacquer trays.


 Ornaments and bobbles of glass, wire and wood.


Boards and bowls of mango wood with cleaning oils to keep the gorgeous finish.

WaPo Restaurant Reviewer Seriously Disses Spike Gjerde’s New Restaurant

Photo via Eater
Photo via Eater

Over the past year or so, the Washington Post has been on a real anti-Baltimore tear. Surely, though, a visit to Shoo-Fly, the new restaurant by local foodie darling Spike Gjerde, would be enough to melt even the most hardened DC heart, right? Turns out, not so much.

Charm City Cook: Welcome to Shoo-fly Diner



Back in 2007, I was planning an alumni event at my full-time gig at Friends School and my friend who was then working for Struever Brothers suggested that I look at a new space being developed in Clipper Mill. I live in Hampden…so I took a drive. It was amazing – I’d really forgotten how much so. I’d been to an artist’s studio in an old burned out building down there years before and was always kind of fascinated by the area. My friend made a call and arranged for me to meet with Spike Gjerde about the possibility of an event in his unfinished restaurant space. Spike and I met over insanely strong macchiatos and we figured out how to make the event work well for both of us. I knew I liked this guy (and those macchiatos kinda sealed the deal.)  We had the party there – in Woodberry Hall, which would become Artifact Coffee’s first location – and it was a huge hit. And…then the restaurant opened later that year and it’s been packed ever since.

Today, Spike and Amy Gjerde officially open Shoo-fly, their farmhouse diner in Belvedere Square and North Baltimore cannot wait another day. I went for a friends & family night earlier this week and I can vouch. Vouch that the fried chicken is perfectly crispy outside and moist inside…that the shoo-fly pie is subtly sweet…and that the $7 Manhattan is so smooth and could be trouble for me. Also not to be missed? Milkshakes, burgers, chicken pot pie and more.  I love the rustic decor, friendly servers and an overall vibe of easy, casual fun. And, yes, that old Hess Shoe slide is still there!

Next week, Spike and Amy will travel to NYC for Martha Stewart’s “American Made Tastemakers” festivities. I know they will make Baltimore so proud, as 200,000+ people visit their booth and learn about what they do here at home. I’m such a fan of their work. When I go to Woodberry for a cocktail, Artifact to caffeinate and write…and now Shoo-fly for Opie’s fried chicken and Sarah’s cookies, I’m happy. Happy is good. We need more happy.

Check out this great video featuring Amy & Spike for Tastemakers and some photos from Shoo-fly.

Mister Wilson Band Tonight at Belvedere Square


Belvedere Square flyer_500x600


Mister Wilson plays classic rock tunes from the 60s up to the present.  If you like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, CSN&Y, The Doors, Tom Petty, Counting Crows, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, The Kinks, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, you’ll love Mister Wilson.


Try Dutch Floral Garden for Home & Entertaining Designs Needs


Dutch Floral Garden in Belvedere Square is unlike other florists in town. For one, all the designers have apprenticed in Europe and create with a sophisticated aesthetic that’s different from other local floral arrangers.  Secondly, Dutch Floral Garden sells home accessories like topiaries, vases, cachepots, votives, and more to decorate the home both inside and out. Lastly, an unrivaled eye for color, texture and detail make the designs at DFG stand out.


One of the best items at Dutch Floral Garden is the selection of ready made bouquets, perfect for when you don’t have time to make an arrangement yourself.  They are always on display, ready to grab and go, and they are gorgeous!  (They can be found in the refrigerated section.)


So much about successful flower arranging is about mixing the right textures and colors.  Here the designers use bold colors in fresh, modern ways for a pleasing effect.


Love the way the hasta leaves wrap around the container to create a stunning, modern look.


Spike Gjerde to Open Restaurant in Crush Space in Belvedere Square

Spike Gjerde
Spike Gjerde

The owner of Woodberry Kitchen, Spike Gjerde, will open next month a “farmhouse diner” and canning operation at Belvedere Square in the space that used to house the restaurant Crush, Bmore Media reports.

Irish Rock Band Donegal Xpress at Belvedere Square Tonight


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The Donegal (pronounced ‘dä-ne-gäl) X-Press has emerged as one of the premiere Irish-American roots rock groups in the country. The high-energy, six-piece outfit has gained praise and fans from New York to Ireland, Baltimore to Nashville and beyond. DXP blends a unique combination of traditional Irish music with American country and blues, folk and rock, rhythm and funk, which John O’Regan of Roots Magazine calls, “…creative ferocity not seen since The Clash’s London Calling period.”


Event of the Day: Mambo Combo Tonight at Belvedere Square!


Belvedere Square flyer_500x600

Mambo Combo was named best Latin music group in 2007 by WAMA (the Washington Area Music Association) and “Best Party Band” in 1999 by Baltimore Magazine. For more than twenty-five years, the band has been entertaining in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, from the Caribbean to New England.Few people can resist dancing to the infectious soca and samba on Mambo Combo.  As Baltimore Magazine put it, “… crowds moving to the seductive rhythms of Island sound are a pretty good tip-off that the group is nearby.”
Belvedere Square will be open throughout the night for shopping and eating.  It’s the perfect night for Summer Sounds at the Square!

Going, Going, Gown: JLB’s Annual Better Dress Sale


Better Dress Sale

Proms, brunches, the races, and weddings, weddings, weddings. For us, anyway, the warm months ahead always bring with them more than their share of social occasions. And now that we can finally put away our coats and wool tights (and whatever—if it gets cold again, we’ll just suffer), we are out-of-control ready to start showing off our warm weather wardrobe. By that, we mean that we’re working really hard put together a whole new one for this year. And with events like the Junior League of Baltimore’s annual Better Dress Sale (going on this weekend), really, what’s to stop us?

Gaze at the Same Wreaths as the Obamas with White House Wreaths from Dutch Floral Garden


No, you’re not having déjà vu. Yes, we were just raving about Dutch Floral Garden’s fabulous, unique arrangements a week or two ago. But that was pre-Thanksgiving, and this is the official all-out-holiday season. Dutch Floral Garden still has all the gorgeous, seasonal floral bouquets we spoke of before. But—this just in!—Dutch Floral Garden is offering exquisite holiday wreaths this season, and they are on special until December 15th.

But how does one choose a good wreath? Well, Dutch Floral Garden makes it easy. Their supplier for this year’s wreaths is the same one that the White House uses. Classy enough for you? We certainly hope so. The wreaths come in three different varieties—blue juniper, cedar and juniper, and mixed greens with pine cones and faux berries. See why we had to give them a mention?

Dutch Floral Garden is located in Belvedere Square at 515 East Belvedere Ave in Baltimore. For more information, visit