Stone Mill Bakery Opening Second Cafe at Stevenson Village


Courtesy Bmore Media – For many years, Stone Mill Bakery co-owner Alfie Himmelrich has admired Stevenson Village, the small, upscale shopping center nestled among the farmland in Baltimore County’s Greenspring Valley.

ABS Trunk Show at Fresh! Boutique… right now


ABS Trunk Show of Holiday Dresses Baltimore

Anyone not doing anything right now? If that’s you, throw on your what-I-wear-when-I-know-I’m-going-to-be-trying-on-clothes clothes and run right out the door to the trunk show happening at Fresh! Boutique. Fresh! Boutique, (which might ring a bell as the winner of the “Best of Baltimore” spot for buying party dresses) is hosting (today) a trunk show with the ABS line from Allen Schwartz.  The line features a variety of dresses that run the gamut from day to cocktail style to evening wear—and they’re all perfect for the holiday season.

And in keeping with today’s themes of “Happening Right Now” and “Instant Gratification,” anything you buy at the trunk show you get to take home with you that day (er… today). No ordering, no waiting, no weeks of longing pouts directed at the UPS guy (unless of course you’re into that kind of thing). Any dress you try on today, you can go home with. Which means you could wear it out this weekend, or to meet the parents at Thanksgiving. Stop by any time today before 7pm for refreshments, door prizes, and a 10% discount on any dress purchased.

The ABS trunk show takes place today, November 15th from 12pm-7pm at Fresh! Boutique. Fresh! Boutique is located in Green Spring Station at 10749 Falls Road in Lutherville.

Trunk Shows at Trillium


J and J Feld at Trillium in Lutherville

Twenty years of fashion. That means going back to 1992—a year marked by super angular jackets, wide shoulders, wide hips, and plaid everywhere. For most of us, the garments we proudly wore then have long since made their way to the Salvation Army—and with good reason. Sure, the best of your Kurt Cobain-era wardrobe might be currently resting on a rack in a vintage store near you, but those pieces would be the exception. And yet, that’s the paradox of fashion. What today seems an unthinkable outfit was, some years ago, the absolute height. It takes a certain vision and integrity to be able to keep up over the years—to weather the fashion industry’s inherent fickleness. It takes an understanding of what makes something classic, combined with a forward-thinking eye.

This weekend, Sima Blue, owner of Trillium, celebrates the boutique’s 20 year anniversary.  In honor of this anniversary, Trillium won’t be busting out the well-aged parachute pants from days of yore. Rather, the boutique is hosting two fantastic trunk shows featuring local designers  J and J Feld Designs (on Friday) and Bethesda’s Marti (on Saturday).  Both shows are 11am-5pm. If you need an additional reason to stop by and continue to support Trillium, you can feel great knowing that a portion of proceeds will be donated to the House of Ruth.

Trillium is located in Greenspring Station. 10749 Falls Road in Lutherville.

Summer is So Two Weeks Ago: Fall Restaurants, Part 2














Continuing the focus on fall restaurant news has come naturally this week. I mean, who isn’t feeling autumnal? The brisk weather and the football on the tube (Faith Hill’s sparkly minidress was a vast improvement over last year’s bizarre capri/blazer combo, I’m sure the men are with me on this one) has us all in the mood. So let’s get our cozy on and figure out where we are going for our butternut squash bisque this season. It’s game time folks!

Silhouette Artist Erik Johnson at Wee Chic


Erik Johnson visits Baltimore

Oh, the elusive muse. Artists can spend their lives waiting for her to strike. And even once she shows her bad self, one’s masterpiece will still take hours (or years) of toil to complete.

Such is life for the dedicated bohemian. Unless of course you’re Erik Johnson, the renowned traveling silhouette artist. That’s right: he  travels the country creating hand-cut silhouettes—a traditional form that his family has practiced for three generations. As classic as the medium is, it’s clearly still as charming and resonant as ever—Johnson has become something of a celebrity in the world of portraitists. And he’s coming to the Baltimore area for one day only.

Kooper’s Tavern of Fells Point to Open Baltimore County Location

Kooper's Tavern, Fells Point

Katie and Patrick Russell, the owners of Kooper’s Tavern in Fells Point, will open a Baltimore County location in the Round Wood Shopping Center in Mays Chapel, off Padonia Road.   The neighborhood surrounding the center is highly residential and full of families, a great market for Kooper’s menu of hamburgers, fries, crab cakes and more.

The new location will be called Kooper’s North, Richard Gorelick of the Baltimore Sun reports.

The new location was formerly Restaurant Sabor, which closed last summer. The Russells hope to have Kooper’s North open by Aug. 21.


Real Estalking: A Lutherville Contemporary

Just one lonely Open House worth a peek this week. Happy looking!
4 Roland Brook Court
3 br/3 ba
Sunday, May 13, 12pm – 2pm

Charles Street Runner Jogs His Commute and Inspires


Every weekday, I make the bleary-eyed drive down Charles Street to take my kids to school.  For years, one sight has made me curious: a shirtless runner heading south in bike shorts with a long braid down his back. Oh, and he’s always carrying a briefcase.

Last week, I got the nerve to stop and speak to this fit soul, shaming me from the comfort of my cozy car and grande soy latte.

He’s Theodore “Ted” Houk, M.D., an internist who runs 5.5 miles from his Lutherville home to his office in Towson. He gamely conducted a quick Q&A.

How many years have you been doing the run to work? I bicycled from 1992-6, and have been running since November 1996.

What health benefits have you noticed? I had gained weight with a shorter commute [from Lutherville] than the 13 mile circuit from Hampden (I lived there during residency training at Union Memorial), so I switched to running [from biking].  I also realized I couldn’t wimp out just because of weather. Patients tend to say “it’s too hot, it’s too cold,” 48 weeks a year, so I like to have them see me setting a good example. Biking had more of a wind chill, so running with less clothing was necessary for heat control.  At first, I was trying to prevent heart disease but even 20 minutes twice a day  is equivalent to an antidepressant. Beyond six miles, you’re guaranteed the runner’s high; people have run on broken displaced fractures with all the endorphins floating around.

Was biking too dangerous? I was never struck but a car came within six inches. Bad weather meant bad visibility, so I resolved to hunker down under a space blanket if caught in a downpour.  Now I am farther from traffic and running against it.

Ted laughs off the price of gas.

Where do you change for the office? Do you have a shower at work?  I just lock the door and strip. If it’s 78° out I’ll rub down with alcohol.  If I sweat, it’s clean because I’ve showered at home.  Motherly nurses have seen fit to take a sniff and pronounce me fine. Actually, one sniff of pheromones in male sweat make women calm and happy all day. Happy to provide them. As you can imagine, I’ve lost any sense of embarrassment years ago. Beyond nine miles anybody would have ammonia on his/her skin from normal metabolism so a rub down is de rigeur.

Do you only run from April to October? No, I made sure I ran eight miles in Snowmagedden to have bragging rights. It was almost a white-out. I took pictures and posted them on The Sun‘s website. The snow was driven horizontally and the deer left big holes in the snow where their legs couldn’t touch down to the ground. It really never gets colder than 10-17 F when I wear cotton, wool and windbreaker layers.

Have you had any reaction from the commuters along Charles Street?  People beep and wave, I wave back.  Sometimes people say they are inspired to exercise.

Is there a runner you spot every day on your travels in your neighborhood? Let us know in the comments.







There is no better place to run into friends than Stone Mill Bakery at Green Spring Station. Stacy Lebow and Elise Morris, old friends, both showed up wearing Lululemon tops. (And they didn’t even call each other!) The hot Vancouver-based company sells yoga-inspired athletic clothing that has become the uniform for chic exercising moms. We’re lucky enough to have a Baltimore store on Aliceanna Street in Fells Point (soon to move to Harbor East, we hear).

Stacy Lebow and Elise Morris, Stone Mill Bakery, Green Spring Station

We talked to Stacy first.

Hi. I love your top.

Thanks. It’s Lululemon, my favorite thing to wear when I work out.

How would you describe your fashion style?



That would explain the feather I see in your hair. 

It’s trendy fun! It comes out in a week. Like nail polish! 

What do you wear for an evening out?

I dress according to what fits my body. And I love scarves and wraps and shawls — and dresses! I do get my hair blown out occasionally. That’s my one indulgence. My mother
was a photographer so I’ve always had pictures taken of me. And pretty hair is an important accessory!


How do you two know each other?

We met when our children were very young at preschool.


And Elise, where did you spend your morning?

I just came from playing tennis!


And you both love Lululemon! Are you sure you didn’t plan your matching tops.

Of course not!  But I’m glad we ran into each other!  (Stacy)  

Recreational Residential Real Estalking


Are you in market for a new home? Are you thinking of selling your house and need some price comparisons? Are you a house obsessed lookey-loo? Well, grab a Starbucks and power up the GPS. We have your Sunday afternoon covered with our picks of the best open houses this week. 


1107 Harriton Road

$ 740,00

4 br/2.5 ba

It’s all in the bones of this Poplar Hill Tudor. Sure, some surface updates are needed, but the existing decor is tasteful, so you could go at your own pace. What I can’t get over is the beauty of the elements that would never need changing: the gorgeous staircase, the quaint dormered ceilings and the deep windowsills. I would buy the house based on the panelled doors alone. A visit is sure to uncover more lovely architectural details. Visualize: Sitting with piles of wallpaper swatches — all the work here appears to be the fun kind.


605 Marwood Road

$ 339,000

4 br/1 ba

What in the name of “Calico Critters” is that darling front door about? From there, a step inside this Towson house is a bit of a let down. The decor is very dry. Those cozy bedrooms and lovely screened porch, however, lead me to think that it would be a snap for someone with a great eye to turn this place into a gem. A perfect starter home for a family with style. Visualize: Poring over your subscription to “Cottage Living.”


11702 Clairmoor Road


6br/5.5 ba 

It doesn’t come cheap but this Lutherville home has ridiculous “easy living” appeal.  No detail is overlooked in this immaculately maintained home. And while it is undeniably well done and attractive (the garish red bathroom a huge exception), I wonder if it’s just too 1999? The pillars seem a little dated to me. For close to $2 million, couldn’t you get the 2012 model? Best to look. Visualize: Checking in with the gardner before you head out to shop.