Wyman Park

Someone drove a truck through Maggie’s dispensary in North Baltimore, police say

Photo by Ethan McLeod

Someone did some major damage late Sunday to the outside wall of Maggie’s dispensary in North Baltimore’s Wyman Park neighborhood using a box truck.

Event Pick: Site of ejected Baltimore Confederate monument becomes the Harriet Tubman Grove

The since-removed Lee-Jackson Monument. Photo via Baltimore Heritage.

A symbolic transformation is set for this morning at the Wyman Park Dell, where a piece of the park that for many years housed a monument to two Confederate generals will be rededicated to a heralded Maryland-born abolitionist.

Two Pot Dispensaries in Wyman Park and Fed Hill Now Fully Licensed

A dispensary in Denver, photo via O’Dea/Wikimedia Commons

Maryland cannabis regulators have now awarded full licenses to Baltimore’s first two medical marijuana providers.

Hundreds Gather at Wyman Park Dell to Protest White Supremacism Following Charlottesville Violence

A peaceful protest at the Lee-Jackson Monument in the Wyman Park Dell.

A small throng banded together in North Baltimore’s Wyman Park Dell on Sunday evening, many to impart a forceful, resolute message: “If they won’t tear it down, we’ll replace it!”

Wyman Park Dwellers Share Concerns About Planned Medical Marijuana Dispensary on Keswick Road

The site for the planned dispensary at 3317 Keswick Road.

Wyman Park and Hampden residents aren’t opposed to the idea of medical marijuana dispensaries coming to Baltimore. They just want to know, why does it have to be in their neighborhood?

Man Robbed and Stabbed While Reading Book at Wyman Park Dell

Wyman Park Dell (Open Green Map)
Wyman Park Dell (Open Green Map)

Baltimore Police say a 64-year-old man was stabbed and robbed while sitting on a bench at Wyman Park Dell on Monday evening in one of a pair of incidents near Johns Hopkins’ Homewood campus.

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JHU Frat & Sororities Get Dirty in the Dell


IMG_1191Last weekend JHU community volunteers dug in to a large planting project sponsored by the Friends of Wyman Park Dell.  It was is part of the implementation of a master plan prepared by Mahan Rykiel, a Wyman Park landscape architect. Many others who care about wildlife and landscaping contributed to the effort. Duncan Stuart, a certified arborist, contributed many volunteer hours removing invasive species, in order to prepare the way for Saturday’s massive planting.  Brenton Landscape Architecture prepared the detailed landscape plan. A highlight of the landscape plan? Seventeen dogwood trees that now edge the southern rim of the dell.  Eighty-seven native shrubs and trees were planted on the forested slopes of the dell.  IMG_1192

Plant materials included spicebush, arrowood, winterberry, low bush blueberry, chokeberry, shadbush, and the previously mentioned dogwood.  The planting of some of the specified woody shrubs and trees has been deferred until later in the season.  Brenton Landscape Architecture’s design for the dell also includes 2,000 perennials and ferns.  The landscapers anticipate that the perennials and ferns will be installed in the fall of 2014.

Replacing exotic invasive plant species with natives, greatly enhances habitat value for birds and other charismatic wildlife, which is especially important at this time of radical climate change and loss of wildlife diversity.  Approximately 50 fraternity and sorority members from Johns Hopkins showed up in good spirits on the rainy Saturday morning to assist with the planting.  Given the weekend weather, watering of the plant materials, at time of installation was not of great concern.  Friends of Wyman Park Dell will be looking for volunteers for the summer and fall to maintain the new plantings, and for future installations.  Please contact them at  http://www.wymanparkdell.org/  if you’d like to lend a hand.


How Johns Hopkins’ Plans to Take Over North-Central Baltimore Are Going


money hand

We’ve reported before on Johns Hopkins’ $10 million plan to infiltrate — I mean, improve! — the area around its Homewood campus. Well, $2 million has already been spent so far in the program’s first year; here’s where it went:

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