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ABS Trunk Show at Fresh! Boutique… right now


ABS Trunk Show of Holiday Dresses Baltimore

Anyone not doing anything right now? If that’s you, throw on your what-I-wear-when-I-know-I’m-going-to-be-trying-on-clothes clothes and run right out the door to the trunk show happening at Fresh! Boutique. Fresh! Boutique, (which might ring a bell as the winner of the “Best of Baltimore” spot for buying party dresses) is hosting (today) a trunk show with the ABS line from Allen Schwartz.  The line features a variety of dresses that run the gamut from day to cocktail style to evening wear—and they’re all perfect for the holiday season.

And in keeping with today’s themes of “Happening Right Now” and “Instant Gratification,” anything you buy at the trunk show you get to take home with you that day (er… today). No ordering, no waiting, no weeks of longing pouts directed at the UPS guy (unless of course you’re into that kind of thing). Any dress you try on today, you can go home with. Which means you could wear it out this weekend, or to meet the parents at Thanksgiving. Stop by any time today before 7pm for refreshments, door prizes, and a 10% discount on any dress purchased.

The ABS trunk show takes place today, November 15th from 12pm-7pm at Fresh! Boutique. Fresh! Boutique is located in Green Spring Station at 10749 Falls Road in Lutherville.



Window Wonderland unveiling in Harbor East in Baltimore

Absolutely save the date (it should be easy—it’s two days from now). On Thursday, November 15th, Harbor East merchants are unveiling the Window Wonderland Holiday Arts Exhibit in a grand event from 5:30pm-8pm. But what makes the event so noteworthy? So worth cramming everyone into the car for? It’s got everything!

Charm City Cook: A Delicious Adventure Begins


Dannng, look at that.

About a year ago, I started playing around with two recipes I found online for salted caramel brownies. Heard the word salt and thought, YES! After changing the ingredients and measurements a few times, I ended up with what I felt was a darn near perfect brownie – rich, dense, fudgy, chocolatey, a tiny bit salty.

Ruth Shaw Sale


Ruth Shaw, The Village of Cross Keys, Falls Road, Roland Park.

Alice Jane Grand Opening


“A woman is closest to being naked when she is well-dressed.” That’s Coco Chanel speaking. We’re not saying that naked is the ideal state for women to be in. Though surely some readers would argue that, it’s undeniably difficult to pilot a space shuttle, discover radium, or serve as Secretary of State without wearing at least something. But if nudity is an ideal because it represents total comfort and being at home in our bodies without constant fidgeting or adjusting or smoothing, then perhaps Chanel was onto something. If we can find clothes that are simple, comfortable, and elegant enough that we don’t have to think twice once we walk out the door—isn’t that what we’re striving for?

If so, mark your calendar for this Friday, when the new Alice Jane store opens in Baltimore. Since 2009, Alice Jane has specialized in classic and affordable fashion—beginning with unique jewelry and accessories, and now offering full “head to toe” fashion for woman and men. Much of the stuff at Alice Jane has a sort of “Boho chic” thing going on. That means that besides being classic, pretty, and feminine, the clothing is also highly wearable, comfortable, and perfect for fall layering.

The grand opening of Alice Jane takes place this Friday, November 9thfrom Noon-6pm. The shop is located at 1407 Clarkview Road, Suite 500 in Baltimore.

“Rules of Civility” Author Amor Towles at The Ivy


“If you want shopping at Bendel’s, gin martinis at a debutante’s mansion and jazz bands playing until 3 a.m., Rules of Civility has it all and more,” so says  Viv Groskop of The Observer in her review of Rules of Civility, the bestselling novel by Amor Towles. The book, the author’s first, tells the story of a transformational year in the life of a young woman in glamorous 1938 Manhattan.

Meet Towles next week when he comes to The Ivy Bookshop on Wednesday, November 14 at 7 p.m. to discuss his book and sign copies.

JG Sassy Fashion Show at Jewels


JG Sassy fashion show in Baltimore

It’s just so cool when things that are made locally are actually cool. Does that sentence make us sound about as articulate as an adolescent girl trying to display her uber-sophisticated taste to her way-past-acne-phase crush? Maybe. But sometimes that’s just how you feel. It’s certainly how we felt upon learning about the new JG Sassy line being carried at Kearney Dietrich’s fabulous boutique, Jewels.  JG Sassy is locally owned and made (hurrah for being able to get behind a line of clothing not made in sweatshops or overseas), and the line has its runway debut this Thursday (that’s tomorrow) at Jewels.

Peter Cohen Trunk Show at Ruth Shaw


Resilience. Will. The strength to go on. These are the human qualities often tested in the wake of natural disasters. When things get turned upside down, we get to see what we (and those around us) are made of. That being said, Superstorm (nee Hurricane) Sandy left most of us Baltimoreans relatively unscathed. Sure, we maybe got a reality check about how watertight (or not) our basement really is, or how long we could realistically live without the Internet (anyone else top out at a minute and a half?), but of course, it could have been much worse. For example, the Peter Cohen trunk show at Ruth Shaw could have been flat out cancelled. And what kind of message would that send? Are we going to let a little weather stand in the way of such a fashion opportunity? Of course not. This is how we show our mettle.

So kudos to Ruth Shaw for extending the only Peter Cohen trunk show in the region. The event, originally scheduled to have ended yesterday, will now run through Friday afternoon. Cohen’s designs are known for their sleek, simple silhouettes and uber-luxurious fabrics. This is a unique opportunity to snag some great pieces by the designer, so be sure to make it down there. Show the weather that no matter how it might try to keep you down, a true fashionista’s will to shop will always (of course) triumph.

The Peter Cohen Trunk Show takes place at Ruth Shaw from 10am-6pm today and tomorrow. Ruth Shaw is located in the Village of Cross Keys, 68 Village Square, Baltimore.

Harborplace Sale Means Better Shopping…We Hope


Call us shallow, but we like nice places to shop in Baltimore.  Beats the alternative, right?  So we were pleased earlier this year when the long-neglected Village of Cross Keys was purchased by high-end developer Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp.  Now the company has bought Harborplace too.  

Posh Retro Clothing Store Debuts in Federal Hill


Courtesy of Bmore Media – Trendy professionals in Federal Hill can now throw a party decked out in retro clothing.

Posh Retro opened this month at 1003 Light St. But Amber Ivey’s store operates a bit differently than your average retail outfit.

Get on the Bus: GoGo’s Retread Threads


 Gogo's vintage in Baltimore

Food trucks, schmood trucks. Give us clothing trucks! Or, clothing buses, really. Or actually clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry buses. And also can you make all of that stuff vintage? And can you make the person who stocks, decorates, and drives said bus be super fun to play dress-up and chat with? And also, can you make the bus show up at our favorite places and events—like farmer’s markets and neighborhood street fairs? Does this sound like too specific of a fantasy? If so, blame Stacey of Gogo’s Retread Threads for setting the bar this high for vintage shopping bar for Baltimore.

With such a great collection of unique goods, and a funkily-painted mobile store (yes, it is a repurposed school bus) it’s no wonder Gogo’s was just named “Best Vintage” by the City Paper. We’d been noticing Stacey and her bus for a while now (they’re hard to miss) at the Sunday farmer’s market, which is one of her regular spots. If you can’t make it to the Sunday market (though you should—it’s the best), you can also find her at the Towson and JFX farmer’s markets regularly, and stalk her and the goods via her Facebook page, which reveals upcoming stops.

Follow Gogo’s Retread Threads at:

McCormick World of Flavors at the Inner Harbor



Baltimore McCormick Store


Remember learning in school about the importance of the spice trade in global history? How empires were built or ruined based on explorers’ abilities to sail great distances, trading with other civilizations  for spices that were so valuable they functioned as forms of currency in their own right? We don’t know if spice giant McCormick decided to open up its first ever retail store right here in Baltimore  because of the historical connection between spices and sailing, but it sure does feel good to have new businesses crop up that somehow speak to our maritime traditions and our history as an important port city.

McCormick World of Flavors shop stocks not only the spices that you’re familiar with from your own grocery store, but also McCormick’s European lines as well. Making this much more than just a shopping experience, the store also has interactive displays including Guess That Spice, FlavorPrint and Flavors in the Making. And in keeping with the theme of spices so highly prized that they could be their own form of currency, there is even an exclusive McCormick World of Flavors product line only available in the store.

McCormick World of Flavors, Harborplace – Light Street Pavilion, Baltimore Inner Harbor
301 Light Street #1470, Baltimore, MD 21202