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Sophisticated and Local JG Sassy Keeps “It” in Baltimore

Francis James, Kearny Dietrich and Paul James

It all started with the quest for the perfect pant. And though many of us have been on this quest ourselves, and know how difficult it can be, few of us would go so far as to start our own design company and clothing line in order to make the perfect pant manifest. But this is exactly what Kearny Dietrich did, and it’s how the JG Sassy line was born.

Charm City Cook: Make the Holidays Happier with Graul’s


If you’ve never been to Graul’s (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t been to Graul’s? It’s a Baltimore institution…) you have to stop in over the holidays.  So many fun specialties line the shelves! House-made marinades, flavor-infused vinegars, cheeses, a full deli section (a little nicer than your ordinary deli section — so many pates!), terrific prepared foods (this time of year gets too busy to cook every night)…and we haven’t even mentioned the bakery!

Tonight: Men’s Night at the Shops at Ruxton


Hey Fellas, need help finding the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mom or smarter female colleague? Tonight, Ellie and Jewels at the shops at Ruxton are keeping the doors open until 8 p.m. to help husbands, boyfriends, sons, dads (I think anyone who is hairy and likes to watch Dirty Jobs will do) find the right gift for the ladies on their list.  Jewels sweetens the shopping with an incredible offer: 50 percent off any single full-priced item in the store!  (There’s nothing like saving $$ to bring out the holiday cheer in a man.) The stores will serve food and drink to add to the merry mood, so don’t wait until Christmas Eve this year to start shopping. Head to the shops at Ruxton tonight and get in the spirit — and in the good graces of the ladies in your life.

Ellie Boutique in Ruxton
Join Ellie Boutique for a men’s night!

Today is Small Business Saturday!


Today is small business Saturday. It’s a day to  celebrate small businesses that create jobs, boost the economy and invigorate neighborhoods around the country. Show your support by shopping small.

Shop Small on Saturday, November 24


Small Business Saturday is November 24th.

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is another day, one dedicated to the businesses that boost the economy and invigorate neighborhoods in Baltimore.

Five Days Until Small Business Saturday


We’re really into Small Business Saturday.  Why? Because we like having small mom and pop shops in Baltimore, and we’re glad to see a movement to give them the support they deserve.  Join us on Saturday, November 24 and visit your favorite local boutique.  Where will you shop small?

For the Love of Flowers: Bringing Dutch Floral Design to Baltimore


The Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh loved flowers. When his good buddy Paul Gauguin was coming to visit, Vincent quickly set about painting what is now his immortal Sunflowers,  as a decoration to spruce the place up for his guest. He understood flowers’ ability to give a space a bright and welcoming quality, and to let guests know you care. And to this day his floral paintings are some of his most celebrated works, for which he is remembered. But wait… Did Van Gogh have good table manners? Were his personal relationships enviable? Wasn’t there something about an ear? Unimportant. But the sunflowers? The irises? They endure. The lesson here? Bring flowers. The other lesson? Get help from the Dutch.

Paula Dobbe-Maher grew up in the Netherlands surrounded by flowers in her parents’ nursery. Since then, her travels and studies have taken her everywhere from law school in Amsterdam, to pastry chef training in Paris—a rather circuitous route to get to opening one’s own floral business in Baltimore. But we’re oh so glad she did.

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Photos by Krista Smith