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Harborplace Sale Means Better Shopping…We Hope


Call us shallow, but we like nice places to shop in Baltimore.  Beats the alternative, right?  So we were pleased earlier this year when the long-neglected Village of Cross Keys was purchased by high-end developer Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp.  Now the company has bought Harborplace too.  

Posh Retro Clothing Store Debuts in Federal Hill


Courtesy of Bmore Media – Trendy professionals in Federal Hill can now throw a party decked out in retro clothing.

Posh Retro opened this month at 1003 Light St. But Amber Ivey’s store operates a bit differently than your average retail outfit.

Get on the Bus: GoGo’s Retread Threads


 Gogo's vintage in Baltimore

Food trucks, schmood trucks. Give us clothing trucks! Or, clothing buses, really. Or actually clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry buses. And also can you make all of that stuff vintage? And can you make the person who stocks, decorates, and drives said bus be super fun to play dress-up and chat with? And also, can you make the bus show up at our favorite places and events—like farmer’s markets and neighborhood street fairs? Does this sound like too specific of a fantasy? If so, blame Stacey of Gogo’s Retread Threads for setting the bar this high for vintage shopping bar for Baltimore.

With such a great collection of unique goods, and a funkily-painted mobile store (yes, it is a repurposed school bus) it’s no wonder Gogo’s was just named “Best Vintage” by the City Paper. We’d been noticing Stacey and her bus for a while now (they’re hard to miss) at the Sunday farmer’s market, which is one of her regular spots. If you can’t make it to the Sunday market (though you should—it’s the best), you can also find her at the Towson and JFX farmer’s markets regularly, and stalk her and the goods via her Facebook page, which reveals upcoming stops.

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McCormick World of Flavors at the Inner Harbor



Baltimore McCormick Store


Remember learning in school about the importance of the spice trade in global history? How empires were built or ruined based on explorers’ abilities to sail great distances, trading with other civilizations  for spices that were so valuable they functioned as forms of currency in their own right? We don’t know if spice giant McCormick decided to open up its first ever retail store right here in Baltimore  because of the historical connection between spices and sailing, but it sure does feel good to have new businesses crop up that somehow speak to our maritime traditions and our history as an important port city.

McCormick World of Flavors shop stocks not only the spices that you’re familiar with from your own grocery store, but also McCormick’s European lines as well. Making this much more than just a shopping experience, the store also has interactive displays including Guess That Spice, FlavorPrint and Flavors in the Making. And in keeping with the theme of spices so highly prized that they could be their own form of currency, there is even an exclusive McCormick World of Flavors product line only available in the store.

McCormick World of Flavors, Harborplace – Light Street Pavilion, Baltimore Inner Harbor
301 Light Street #1470, Baltimore, MD 21202