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Mister Wilson Band Tonight at Belvedere Square


Belvedere Square flyer_500x600


Mister Wilson plays classic rock tunes from the 60s up to the present.  If you like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, CSN&Y, The Doors, Tom Petty, Counting Crows, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, The Kinks, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, you’ll love Mister Wilson.


Exploring AcroYoga at Baltimore Yoga Village



Photo:  Anjali Sunita (Baltimore Yoga Village) and Josh Young (DC AcroYogi)

Ever wanted to runaway with the circus? To soar through the air with the greatest of ease? Yes, becoming an actual circus acrobat is something that takes years (even a lifetime) of dedication to be able to do; but that doesn’t mean it’s not something to aspire to, right? If you’ve taken yoga classes (or if you’ve met people who have)  you probably know that practicing yoga has the power to transform the human body—and to make you able to do things you never dreamed of. Push-ups? Head stands? Traditional yoga poses that would make even a practiced break-dancer blush? Totally. It can be done! And not only that—learning how is fun! The AcroYoga classes offered at Baltimore Yoga Village are tailored to train you to fly, catch, and soar by yourself and of course, with partners—they even call it “playing” rather than practicing. Not only that, Thai massage is an integral part of the practice, and who among us is going to turn down a little massage integrated into our day? AcroYoga is not just about fitness (though of course that’s a component) it’s also about connecting with others, developing confidence and balance, and it can even put a couple of new party tricks in your back pocket.

Golf and Fitness Q&A with Valerie Saucier of the MAC



Summer is here! And we can look forward to some long days spent outdoors. For many, summer is the time for outdoor sports– softball, pick-up basketball, running, swimming. It’s easy to stay fit when you can just play outside, right? But what about golf? For a sport that requires outdoor play, it doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being physically demanding. Professional golfers have been known to drink and smoke on the green, and even to be unhealthily overweight. Not exactly common in the larger world of sports.

But it seems that the sun may be setting (or maybe already has set) on the era of unhealthy golfers. These days, anyone planning to play seriously should expect to be as fit as any other athlete– at least that’s the word from Valerie Saucier– the golf fitness trainer and expert at MAC Wellness.

The Green Spring Station Farmers Market is Back!


Take advantage of the fresh produce, local baked goods and specialty foods at The Green Spring Station Farmers Market.  The GSS farmer’s market continues every Saturday through November 23 and features some of the best locally grown products, baked goods, confections and other delectable items from around the region. Yum!

Participating vendors of the Green Spring Station Farmers Market:

Baked Goods

Quite A Stir – Pound cupcakes

Robin’s Nest – Cookies, pies, breads and more

Scotty’s Goody’s Cookies – Fudge, and container plants

The Breadery  – Breads and baked goods


Albrights Farm  – Chicken, beef, veggies and fruit

Galloway Farm  – Veggies and fruits grown organically

Grand View Farm  – Free range eggs, chicken, and pork

It’s National Health & Fitness Month: Celebrate With a Healthy Lifestyle at the MAC


MAC May1

So, it’s National Health and Fitness Month. Maybe you’re already so on top of it that you’re reading this post on your iPhone while on mile five of your morning 10K. Or maybe this information makes you squirm a bit with the vague memory of that New Year’s resolution that somehow fell to the wayside somewhere along the line. But no matter. It’s never to late to start getting fit– and there are so many ways and reasons to do so, that there’s no need to panic. In fact, National Health and Fitness Month makes it easier than ever– not only because the weather is finally the kind you want to enjoy outside– but also because fitness centers such as the Maryland Athletic Club are offering great opportunities this month to use the facilities, take classes, and start getting healthy. We checked in with Sharon Nevins, Vice President of Marketing at the MAC to find out how they’re celebrating National Health and Fitness Month and how we can, too.

Baltimore Fishbowl: So May is National Health and Wellness Month. What does that mean? And what is the MAC doing to help celebrate it?

Sharon Nevins: National Health & Fitness Month was created to help shine a spotlight on the importance of exercise to be healthy. Our industry, along with the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” Campaign joined together to encourage everyone to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. MAC helps celebrate by opening its doors to the entire community to enjoy the MAC and get moving for 7 days. We also have designated community wide classes where non-members can try us out with others just like them.

BFB: That’s great! What an awesome opportunity for those of us who are interested in trying out a new gym. Now that the nice weather is finally here, what are some of the best outdoor exercises we can do to supplement our time at the gym? Baltimore has so many great outdoor spaces and activities. Any top picks or workout ideas?

SN: Just getting outside and walking is always nice. Baltimore also has some incredible trails for hiking. From the NCR trail to Loch Raven to Soldiers Delight and the B&A trail for biking. Whatever is fun and easy for you, you should do. The idea is to enjoy it (most of the time) so you keep up the habit.

Pledge to Breathe Fresh Air!



Ditch dirty air! Be part of creating a sustainable future by empowering yourself and others to make clean air a priority in the Baltimore metro area. Your house can run on CLEAN energy! 

Meet Booker Prize Winner James Kelman at the Ivy Tomorrow Night



Tuesday, May 7th
The Ivy Bookshop, 6080 Falls Road

Get a seat in front!

Man Booker Award-winning novelist James Kelman visits the Ivy Bookshop tomorrow night at 7 as the inaugural guest of the store’s new “front table” series that brings us face to face with amazing writers from around the world. Kelman, who received the Man Booker in 1994 for How Late It Was, How Late, writes books peopled with ultra-authentic working-class Scottish characters inspired by his native land. The author will discuss his newest, Mo Said She Was Quirky (Other Press), which depicts one single day in the life of an everywoman named Helen. In typically masterful Kelman narration, we are sometimes in Helen’s head, sometimes on the outside watching her shuffle past, watching her work the nightshift in a London casino. The single mom to a six-year-old daughter, Helen lives with her Pakistani waiter boyfriend, much to the chagrin of her narrow-minded neighbors. Thanks to Kelman’s well-honed craft and attentive imagination – and his own faith in his character – we believe in Helen from the start. And, in a novel critics have tagged Kelman’s most accessible to date, we feel grateful for the difficult hours of her life we’re invited to share.

Find the Perfect Gift for Mom at Sprezzatura


Be delighted and intrigued by the collection of beautiful objects at Sprezzatura. From jewelry and fashion accessories to home décor and gifts for men, women and children, Sprezzatura — located in Stevenson Village — is your source for unique shopping.


Stepping into the store is like stepping into a well-curated museum: A sophisticated selection of original art, books, home accents and gourmet treats fill the collection. And you’ll always enjoy gorgeous fresh cut flowers and exceptional service at Sprezzatura, including signature gift-wrapping and a knowledgeable staff to help you find just what you need.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Sprezzatura will host afternoon wine and champagne daily from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., the week before Mother’s Day, beginning Tuesday May 7.  Each day, the boutique will feature a selection of women’s fragrances, accessories and jewelry that mom will adore.

Expansive selection of gourmet teas



Unique imported fragrances






Mother’s Day Shopping Made Easy with Gifts at Halcyon House


Want to be certain you buy something mom will love?  Head to Halcyon House, the gift shop and home store of  renowned interior designer Stiles Colwill, close your eyes and point! The selection is just that good, with elegant home accessories, divine bed linens (a wide selection of John Robshaw lines the shelves), chic jewelry and more to make the store the place to a find sure-fire winning gift for mom.  See what’s in store below!

Handmade Ceramics


Agraria diffusers & soaps
Pono Tortoise jewelry
Rattan serving pieces
Vases & cachepots
Wheel Barrow Salad Bowl
Wheel Barrow Salad Bowl
Multiple colored leather clutches


Hand carved soapstone decorative boxes


Angela Caputi bracelets


Summer Tunics


Pewter Topiary salt & pepper shakers
Lafco scented soaps and candles
Decorative Mexican dishes
Mouthblown vases

Halcyon House Antiques


Neuromuscular Integrative Action: “Dance Meets Yoga Meets Tae Kwon Do” at Baltimore Yoga Village



We all know that exercise makes us feel better. Even the most dedicated couch potato feels the benefit of a brisk walk, or a game of Frisbee.  In recent years, yoga has grown in popularity due to its focus not just on physical wellness, but also on relaxation and spiritual or emotional well-being. However, yoga is not the only form of exercise that combines these qualities. If you’re looking for an exercise or movement practice that also encompasses mental and emotional health, you might want to turn to NIA—a practice “dance meets yoga meets tae kwon do,” as one instructor called it—that successfully integrates all that and more; leading to a holistic feeling of health with real results. Lola Manekin and Alba Azola are two local NIA instructors who teach classes at Baltimore Yoga Village. We asked them to fill us in about what NIA really is, and how we can reap its many benefits.

Power Your Home with Wind Energy from Clean Currents

Clean Currents1
Clean Currents helping Baltimoreans switch to wind power on Earth Day
Clean Currents3
Last fall’s ice cream social, hosted with Taharka Brothers

By now, most people have had the experience of driving down the highway and seeing, off in the distance, the tall white wind turbines that are beginning to dot the American landscape. In recent years, they’ve become the icon of renewable, sustainable energy—the promise of less pollution, fighting climate change, and pursuing energy sources that are safe for humans and the environment. Now Baltimoreans can enthusiastically jump on the green energy bandwagon with Clean Currents, a company making it possible for Baltimore residents to choose to power their homes exclusively through wind power. Now, this doesn’t mean that they come to your backyard (or porch, or stoop) and install a windmill that sends electricity into your house. Rather, it means that they buy energy from wind farms as close as Pennsylvania and send that through BGE’s power lines to your home. There’s no change in reliability of electricity, and you may be surprised to learn that BGE still maintains power lines and the flow of power to homes and businesses powered by Clean Currents. When you make the switch, your power remains uninterrupted, perfectly normal, but your household is just that much greener.

Event of the Day: Decanter – A Maryland Wine Tasting and Racing Event


Decanter 3

Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21
10:00am – 6:00pm | $30 and up

Decanter is a two-day wine tasting and horse racing event. There are a few options for enjoying your time there. The General Admission Pass ($30) provides a Grandstand (read: the best) vantage point of all turf and dirt races of the day, samples of fine Maryland wine from Free State wineries, access to local artisans, and specialty food (at an extra costnot included). For the dedicated Decanterer (yes, weve just decided thats a word), you can upgrade to the Decanter Pass ($50), which includes all of the above, but you also get to take home a full size Riedel wine glass, samples of an exclusive Decanter wine from each attending winery, and a six bottle carrying bag. Tickets for youth and designated drivers (yes!) are available at a discount as well.

Decanter takes place on April 20 and 21 at the historic Pimlico race track in Baltimore. For more information or to purchase tickets, you can visit www.marylandwine.com