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National Book Award Winner Norman Rush Tonight at the Ivy Bookshop


rush subtle bodies

Join National Book Award winner Norman Rush tonight at 7 p.m. at The Ivy Bookshop when he comes to discuss Subtle Bodies, his first in a decade. (Read the New York Times recent profile of Rush, here.)

About the Book

In Subtle Bodies,  Norman Rush, author of three immensely praised and award-winning books set in Africa, including the bestselling classic Mating, returns home, giving a sophisticated, often comical, romp through the particular joys and tribulations of marriage and the dilemmas of friendship, as a group of college friends reunites in upstate New York twenty-some years after graduation. When Douglas, the ringleader of a clique of self-styled wits of “superior sensibility,” dies suddenly, his four remaining friends are summoned to his luxe estate high in the Catskills to memorialize his life and mourn his passing. Ned, our hero, flies in from San Francisco, pursued by his furious wife, Nina: they’re at a critical point in their attempt to get Nina pregnant, and she’s ovulating! It is Nina who gives us a pointed, irreverent commentary as the friends begin to catch up with one another. She is not above poking fun at some of their past exploits and the things they held dear, and she’s particularly hard on the departed Douglas, who she thinks undervalued her Ned. Ned is trying manfully to discern what it was that made this clutch of souls his friends to begin with and, simultaneously, to guess at what will come next.

About the Author

Norman Rush is the author of three previous works of fiction: WhitesMating (for which he won the National Book Award) and Mortals. His stories have appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review and Best American Short Stories. Rush and his wife live in Rockland County, New York.

Norman Rush will appear at The Ivy Bookshop, 6080 Falls Road, tonight at 7 p.m. For more information, visit The Ivy Bookshop website.



FEATURED HOT LISTING: Stunning Loch Raven Village Townhome Defies Expectations


Updated:  Address has been removed at new owner’s request.

If you’ve been around Baltimore, you’re probably familiar with the all brick, sturdy townhomes that are standard in many communities.  Loch Raven Village is known for it’s schools and long-term residents, but you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s a standard floor plan, with distinct rooms, a small-ish kitchen and 1.5 bathrooms, making them a little out of sync with today’s standards of open flow and function for the contemporary family lifestyle.  Now, forget everything you think you know about THIS home.  From the moment the beautiful front door opens, your mind is blown, and I guarantee there will be a smile, followed closely with a “Wow!”


The JLC Team has been doing some beautiful work in Baltimore.  Known for doing the job right, without cutting corners, attention to every detail, and design with lifestyle in mind, they have done another gorgeous job with this one.  The first thing to note, is the removal of the dividing center wall, to open up the living space.

Bring Your Baby Into The World, Peacefully





Meditations, Breathing & Yoga Postures with the mother & baby  in mind. A beautiful, safe & gentle practice to enhance physical comfort, mental awareness and spiritual connection during this amazing and special time of transformation.  This practice helps the mother to develop awareness that she truly knows within herself how to bring her baby forth with strength and grace. Respite welcomes all mothers into our joyful and supportive community.


Refresh. Restore. Renew.
2000 Girard Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21211

Your Real Estate Questions Answered with Alethea King of Spectrum Enterprises LLC



For many people, owning property or real estate is a bit like owning a car. You work hard to be able afford it, you take care of it, and you rely on it so much everyday that you can even start taking it for granted. But, as with cars, many of us lay-people are suddenly woefully confused or uninformed as soon as it gets beyond the basics. Sifting through Craigslist ads for used cars without the advice of a mechanic friend? Not the wisest choice. Taking the plunge and planning to later fix the thing ourselves? Whoa. But before our metaphor gets away from us and spins out of control, we’ll just say this: when dealing with real estate, it’s best to take a lesson from the old song and, “let the pros do it.” After all, this is what they do all day every day, right?

If you own a home, you’ve probably received at least a dozen little notes over the last few months from local agents letting you know that if you’re thinking of selling, today is the day and you should give them a call right this second. Before picking up the phone though, we thought we’d ask Alethea King of Spectrum Enterprises LLC for a little advice and insider info about real estate in Baltimore, how to stay calm during the process, and the ins-and-outs of “short sales.”

If you’re new to all of this, a short sale is basically a sale of real estate in which the proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the balance of debts against the property. In other words, if your home is “underwater,”  a short sale would mean selling it for an amount that will still leave you owing money on it. It’s a viable option for anyone who has suffered an unforeseen hardship and can provide supporting documentation or evidence to the creditor. Examples include loss of employment, sudden illness or the death of a spouse. The process of completing a short sale is highly regulated, and definitely requires professional short sale negotiating help, but with the boom in short sales (owed largely, of course, to the subprime mortgage crisis and the global financial crisis of the last several years) it is becoming a more popular, and more easily navigated process for those who qualify.

Now, in terms of why we keep hearing that now is the time to put our home on the market, King says this:Gorgeous weather puts everyone in a good mood. This weather is ideal for selling a home because gardens are in bloom. In the late fall, home seekers are reminded of the leaves they’ll need to rake, and in the winter they’ll often see how much snow needs to be shoveled.” But right now, the weather is still enjoyable—not too hot, but not yet getting cold.

Sure, this all makes sense, but selling a home can still seem like a lot of work. To the wary home owner, King says, “It’s a juggling act and most people get nervous when buying or selling a home. But, that’s normal because a home is usually our biggest financial asset. As a buyer, you don’t want to overpay and as a seller, you don’t want to sell too low. So, how can you make a sound investment decisions that make you feel good for years to come? The best way to protect yourself is to be proactive throughout your real estate transaction. The details and paperwork can be so overwhelming that it’s easy to become passive. Instead you should get active and be involved in the process! You’re the only one who can make the important decisions that will affect the course of your home purchase or sale. Unless you are a real estate expert and have a lot of free time, you’ll probably have to rely on various real estate professionals to assist with your transaction.”

Indeed. And we’ll want to. But how do you know who to ask for help? Or what you can reasonably expect from one of these professionals? “Spectrum handles everything from identifying a hardship that the creditor will consider, to the end result of negotiations with the bank, buyer and the services of our certified short sale negotiator that is in constant communication with most lenders on a daily basis addressing short sales,” says King. “Our advisors are here to help you with buying and selling your property in Baltimore, Maryland and the surrounding areas. But we don’t stop there; we take real estate brokerage to the next level with property management, real estate investment consultation, construction management, real estate concierge services, short sales and foreclosure consultation.  We can determine if a short sale is right for you, and help you address deficiencies, credit concerns and assist in the negotiations with the bank and buyers.” So in other words, they’ll handle all the overwhelming stuff, while you spruce up the garden and consider what makes the most sense for you and your family. Oh, the joys of leaving it to the professionals.


Spectrum Enterprises, LLC

Stone Mill Building
1340 Smith Avenue, Suite 200
Baltimore, MD 21209


GRAND OPENING TONIGHT! ReNew Botanicals in Hamilton



Come out tonight & meet the merchants of Main Street Hamilton – Lauraville and welcome ReNew Botanicals to the neighborhood!



Get Loud and Enthusiastic Class, School is in Session


At the Baltimore School of Rock, all of our students are encouraged to reach a high level of achievement, grow as artists and become leaders in their community.  Whether they are just starting in Rock 101 or are in their local house band, our students will be comfortable in our system.  While our music programs are delivered with a team dynamic, each student is provided individual private music instruction that ensures that he or she will continue to advance on their own personal musical journey.

Our unique casting process ensures the integration of various skill levels and promotes mentorship and leadership in our more advanced players.  For our very best students who work hard and show dedication, there is an annual nationwide audition process.  The accepted students are rewarded through the AllStar Program with amazing performance and touring opportunities all around the country.


School of Rock teaches guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, drums and combines weekly private music lessons and group band rehearsals to prepare students to take the stage in front of live audiences in an authentic concert setting.

3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 115
Baltimore, Maryland  21211
(443) 529-8200

FEATURED HOT LISTING: Magnificent Grand Colonial in Laurelford



$1,850,000 | 5 br, 5 ba, 2-½ ba


TODAY, WEDNESDAY, 9/4    12-3pm


Tucked away in the county on over six private acres in one of Baltimore’s most prestigious and private communities, sits this luxury colonial.


Double front doors flanked by tall columns create a gracious entry, accented by a pretty landscape and a bricked pathway.

Mother-Son Authors Discuss Book About Addiction at The Ivy Bookshop


grimes double double

IVY10-e1350927055992Join the Ivy Bookshop in welcoming bestselling mystery novelist Martha Grimes and her son, Ken Grimes, as they discuss their memoir of their struggles with alcoholism and recovery, Double Double, on Tuesday, August 20 at 7 p.m.

People who suffer from alcoholism as well as their families and friends know that while it is possible to get sober, there is no one “right” way to do it. In Double Double, the award-winning mystery writer and her son offer two points of view on their struggles with alcoholism. In alternating chapters, they share their stories – of drinking, recovery, relapse, friendship, travel, work, success and failure.

For Martha, it was about drinking martinis at home, sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. For Ken, it was partying in bars and clubs. Each hit bottom. Martha spent time doing outpatient rehabilitation, once in 1990 and again two years later. Ken began 12-step recovery. The candid memoir describes how different both the disease and the recovery can look in two different people – even two people who are mother and son.