#CathedralPride: Spiritual Strength, Academic Excellence: The Gilmore Family

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One of the many things that make the School of the Cathedral so special is that we often watch entire families come through our doors. This is a bittersweet moment for Cathedral because we are preparing to say goodbye to the last Gilmore sibling. Tess will graduate this June, and we know she will follow her brothers’ examples, having many successful endeavors in high school and beyond. The Gilmore Family is a very special family. Father Andrew imparts, “Sadly, the Gilmores are New England Patriot fans, but because they go to church as a family together every Sunday, they are kind, generous, and joyful people. The family that prays together, loves better!”

Let’s catch up with Tess’s three brothers.

Griffin Gilmore graduated from Cathedral in 2011.  He went on to Loyola Blakefield and currently is a junior at the University of Notre Dame. Griff took advantage of a great opportunity to be abroad in Ireland for this semester.  He is studying Science at University College Dublin through the Notre Dame Global Gateway program. Also, he is playing rugby while in Ireland and has been traveling to different high-level rugby matches in Ireland and Scotland. Griff says, “other than that, I’m just enjoying the Irish people and their pubs while exploring the countryside.” When he “grows up,” Griffin hopes to be a surgeon, so he is studying Preprofessional Science at Notre Dame.  Griff chose to complete his educational career in Catholic schools because he feels “that going to a Catholic institution helps me remember what really matters and what I should be working towards. The values that have been instilled in me through Catholic education will help me to live a fulfilling life in the service of others.”

Nat Gilmore was a student on Amberly Way until graduation in 2014. He is now a senior at Loyola Blakefield. He credits the Middle School Play experience for helping to ignite his passion for film making and directing. He leads the Film Club at Loyola. He hopes to pursue this artistic passion in college next year. This is not the only venue where Nat exhibits leadership skills. Nat is gearing up for a great rugby season. In addition, he just got back from leading a Kairos retreat. Kairos is a 4-day overnight retreat that Loyola embarks on with their juniors and seniors. It is a chance for the boys to become more spiritually connected personally, as well as become closer to their peers.  Mr. Anthony Zehyoue, Loyola History Teacher/Varsity Football Head Coach/Cathedral Confirmation Teacher, discloses, “Nat was our small group leader on Kairos. I thought he did a magnificent job. Nat was able to lead his peers spiritually, which is difficult considering the fact that he is one of them. He is an extremely mature and thoughtful young man.” Nat is grateful to Cathedral for his disciplined study habits that prepared him so well for high school. He, also, is thankful that “the supportive, nurturing environment at Cathedral provided me opportunities to push myself out of my box, take risks, and try new things…which have led me to new creative avenues and given me the confidence to pursue these avenues.”

Casey Gilmore ’16 is a sophomore at Loyola Blakefield. He enjoys playing rugby and volleyball there and participates in Ski Club and Model U.N. In keeping with his family tradition, he exhibits many leadership skills; such as helping out with his freshman retreat last year and helping Kim Burgos, our new Youth Minister, develop the High School Youth Group as a peer leader.  Casey misses the weekly masses at Cathedral the most. He liked leading as an usher at mass because he felt connected to God and the community each week. Casey shares, “My experiences at Cathedral taught me to appreciate the liturgy and find comfort and inspiration when attending Mass.”

Congratulations Gilmore boys on all of the thrilling encounters you have coming your way! We, at Cathedral, are deeply honored to have had the chance to work with the amazing Gilmore Clan. We are so happy that this is not goodbye, because we will still see you in church every week and at various service project events. We cannot wait to hear about Tess’s adventures next year, after her June graduation. The Gilmores are a true testament to Cathedral’s mission statement: spiritual strength, academic excellence.

The School of the Cathedral is now excepting admission applications for the 2018 -2019 school year.  Apply today or call 410-464-4117 to learn more.

Today we Learn. Tomorrow we Lead.

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