Catherine Pugh Weighs in on Wireless Spectrum

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Writing in the Huffington Post Monday, state Sen. Catherine Pugh calls on a pair of federal departments to free up more wireless spectrum.

The West Baltimore-based Senate President, who is running for mayor in 2016, writes that an increase in mobile devices leads to a need for more wireless airwaves for data transmission. Since two cellphone carriers can’t transmit data over the same airwaves at the same time, there is growing concern that spectrum will run out.

With spectrum crossing cable, radio and wireless internet realms, companies are already horse-trading and fighting over the invisible commodity. Wireless carriers are also taking steps to speed up wireless in the face of more phones occupying the spectrum. On Monday, for instance,Nokia said it would try out pCell technology that turns interference into an asset. In Baltimore, companies have recently been cleared to put up small-cell antennae on light poles to improve coverage.



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