Celebrate Halloween at the 13th Floor

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13th Floor

catch of the day fish (2)Some buildings don’t even have a 13th floor out of superstition. But then, doesn’t that make an actual 13th floor the perfect setting for a genuinely chilling Halloween? Well, it might not actually be the scariest Halloween venue in town, but it’s more than likely the classiest. The newly renovated 13th Floor is holding an inaugural Halloween fete on All Hallow’s Eve itself, and we’re all invited. There will be a costume contest, live music, and all of the fabulous food, drink, and service you’d expect there any day of the year.

Halloween may be our favorite holiday, but it’s not everyone’s. If you’ve accidentally stumbled upon one-too-many zombie pub crawls or can’t bear to to be exposed to one more sexy-dead-nurse-devil-cat costume, we can see how you might be loath to join in on the fun. But that’s why the 13th Floor is the perfect bet for Halloween fans who want to keep it classy. You get everything you love about the 13th Floor– the atmosphere, the taste, the quality– as the setting for your Halloween celebration. And for those attending early enough for dinner, the purchase of any entree comes with a special Halloween cocktail. Sure, zombie blood may be involved, at least you can rest assured it will be of the top shelf variety.

The 13th Floor is located in The Belvedere, at 1 E. Chase Street in Baltimore. Their Halloween Party takes place on Friday, October 31st. For more information, visit www.13floorbelvedere.com.

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