Celebrating Latino Culture at the Creative Alliance

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Latino Culture at Creative Alliance

catch of the day fish (2)Baltimore’s amazing cultural diversity is one of our city’s strengths. And part of living in such a diverse place is celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures that make up this place we call home. Sure, the US is known as a “melting pot” but it’s also important to take note of the things that make each individual culture unique. We don’t just melt into each other, we shine in our uniqueness and our differences are part of what makes us who are. And on that note, we’re thrilled about this month’s opening of Chicanismo y Latinismo, a group exhibition at the Creative Alliance that explores how the Chicano movement has continued to evolve by moving beyond its West Coast origins and expanding to include a multiplicity of Latino identities. 

Artists exploring either Chicanismo or Latinismo today use a variety of media including performance, costuming, painting, screenprinting, video, murals, and sculpture to clarify misconceptions of their contemporary movements. So what better place than the Creative Alliance to present a full spectrum of creative work expressing the complexity of these identities by a variety of Latino and Chicano artists. The exhibition itself is already up and open during regular hours. But on Saturday, Sept 6, there will be special guest artist presentations, including a screen printing workshop with Edgar Reyes, a performance by Yadira De La Riva, and a panel discussion moderated by Michelle Gomez.

Chicanismo y Latinismo is presented by the Creative Alliance and runs through Sept 27. Special Guest Artist presentations take place throughout the day on Saturday, Sept 6. For more information, visit www.creativealliance.org.

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